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Cool and slightly draughty Wednesday

Couldn't resist doing this one...
Which Heroes Hero are You?
Your Result: Nikki Sanders

A stripper with a heart of gold and a murderous alter-ego. You try to do right by your family, but find yourself constantly thwarted by your inner b----. You're cute, but could use some anger management classes. And stop looking at yourself in the mirror so much!

Nathan Petrelli
Peter Petrelli
Hiro Nakamura
Matt Parkman
Claire Bennett
Isaac Mendez

Hmm, that's interesting....  especially as Sylar is the second choice for me and then Nathan!!  i tried changing 'getting the rent paid' and then i WAS Sylar...  *hoots*

Pictures starting to come through for the Mile High LA gig now...  slow though...  Ravenu, the sweetie, was the first and now HappyMeal - goodonya guys!   Great pictures, you know you can count on these two lovelies, yeah...  Hope Miss B finds her photocard - that Club sound the slackest...  Problem i suppose is if someone found it, would they keep it for the James pics??   You'd have to hope not - but would you be able to identify your own pics if you saw them somewhere else?  specially as you haven't actually seen them, if you know what i mean!
i was interested to hear the numbers were not what they'd anticipated.  i noted it was said the California fires were given as an excuse, i guess only they know just how many they actually did sell...  Because i can't see the fires keeping people away - i mean you could still drive interstate, get on a train and fly in, so what's the guts, guys??  Access did not seem to be a problem, like Cardiff.    i just have this nagging feeling, it would have been a maxed event if it had been cheaper.  But maybe that is just me...  And what's with this 'finding' more tickets, 'cos somebody had goofed and ordered more than they wanted... that reason/excuse is starting to wear a little thin, doncha think?  Same reason was given for the Celtic Blues Event too...  It is starting to happen at every event now or is it just bad management by them or us?  Hmmmm, you think what you want and i will think what i want...   But i think i'd know if i ordered 10 tickets instead of one, wouldn't you?  or do you have so much money you didn't notice you had been charged 10x what you had anticipated???  £90 or £900?  small diff natch... Right.... Only if the computer screwed up but good out of sight, wilful thing .
Still every cloud, right - good for the people who did go, more time with James and i envy them that...    i don't care about the autographs, i have enough to last me the rest of me natural, it is the time with him that is important.   Likewise the photo, it is just a momento that you were actually there and can prove it!  No, not really but it is for your memories - you can look at it and say, oh yes, that was the LA launch for his second album...
i do think James' hair is slightly darker, maybe just the lights.   Looks wonderful - ha!  as usual!  i definitely think he has a picture in the attic...   And back to filming bodyweight...  i was thinking of the last Online Q&A questions and how James said he was hungry all the time.   Just like models...
Oh man, WILL YOU STOP INJURING YOURSELF!!  You are NOT 20 any more and pick up your damn clothes off the floor!  He is such a BOY sometimes...  *shakes head ruefully*

Right must get on...  wonder if there some post today...  waiting on Superman: Doomsday to come and a couple of cheapo paperbacks from Ebay...  maybe a rejection letter or two...
*blows kisses to HappyMeal & Ravenu*


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(Deleted comment)
Oct. 31st, 2007 01:13 pm (UTC)
Yes, i will be going DV...

i thought you were going to Collectormania 12?? i looked for you...

Funny how many people didn't remember me, until i said sorry no face tats today!! Then lightbulbs went off over heads... too funny... but i will have them on for Cardiff & GMEX. i usually only wear them for James and Cons

*waves at pirate lady*
Nov. 1st, 2007 12:25 am (UTC)
::hugs lovejames::

It was funny because RavenU, Angela, ghostgirl and I were all standing/sitting next to each other at the concert, so we were joking that all our pics would be the same. But so far, they appear to be quite different. So yay us. LOL
Nov. 1st, 2007 01:05 am (UTC)
:hugs MB right back:

It is amazing that your pictures have come out so differently to each other but i guess it's the slightly altered perspective? Kinda like no two witnesses see or say the same things??

i'm so impatient for new pictures, haven't seen ANY of the day activities...but with James being on photo or auto duties most of the time, it will be surprising if there are any, i guess. *sighs* oh well, i will be content with the concert ones.
Thank you for sharing, petal!
Nov. 1st, 2007 04:34 am (UTC)
I did get some pics of him signing autographs and even some ones of him doing photo ops so those will be coming soon. :)
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