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Halloween 2004, baby!

Greetings, Buffy & Angel Lovers!! Madma Acid, your Halloween Reporter here!

 a tad late perhaps but that's life in the North lane...

man o man, what a blast!! i must say first of all that Steve Himber listened and got it right [and brought enough buttons & photos this time - anything left over, put it on the website, baby, it will soon go] - yay, Steve!!    Lisa was brilliant [with only two reservations - you will know when you hear it];  the Stewards were ACE [except the one who wanted me to wait in line for my autographs [i smiled and said i am one of Ken's ladies, no reaction] and no, i couldn't have a chair.. the one thing i do NOT do well, is STAND!  so i said, sod it and went back to my seat and got them the next day] and whoever thought of getting a Disabled Steward for the Disabled had a bloody brainwave!! Please do it all again next year - oh yes, you can bring the Coatrack with you too if you like... *What? oh alright, he's a well-polished Coatrack!*

David B will never be Olivier and he will never be James but he is one very nice bloke and that weekend he made a lot more friends that he could possibley have hope for - yes, James, we like him...

i won't bother with the Journey, except to say it went smoothly and seamlessly for a change [except for the rude girl on the train, who wanted to sit near her friend and practically demanded this bloke let her sit there...  what she wanted was him to move and let them sit together but he stuck to his guns and said no - but he got up and let her sit by the window - i couldn't stand it and catching her eye, said 'you could at least say 'thank you'!!  she looked guilty then and said Thank you to the man...  Honestly - children!  i love them but i couldn't eat a whole one...]

i was still on the train when i spoke to Susie, waiting at Heathrow for Char, and as i talked to her, Char came out and we said 'Hi' - they went off to the Hotel and i arrived about 1500, lousy traffic...  Susie had already registered and i poped my head round the door to greet Char, very briefly before we dashed out to get some supplies in for her ladyship... [greeted Deni and WildernessChild, who were Stewarding and left before we did].  there was a very obliging garage down the road that filled the bill and a very obliging taxi driver filling up with petrol, who brought us back!  this happens when i have my Susie rabbitfoot with me!

The Chariot and the fridge had been delivered and the latter was getting cold, so i loaded it up with the water, milk and insulin - left food where she could find it easily, made sure Char was comfortable - and yes, Susie had done a super job organising and putting her to bed, so dropped my gear in our room.  We decided to go straight down and register as time had got on by then - Buff2K phoned, frothing at the mouth over the traffic and getting lost, poor love - but i just had hysterics!  she arrived eventually and we met up with Trinty & POB and grabbed cabs over to York Hall.  Saw Leevamp before we left, they will meet us at the Phoenix.

Could not believe the HUGE queue that had formed outside - must have been half the people going!  it was half way round, down the side of the buildings in Cambridge Heath Road!  my heart sank as i looked at it - like i said, standing is one thing i do not do well...   Anyway, waved at rockgoddes at the door and we set off down the line and it was amazing the people i knew in it!  Jo from Harvest, lovely to see you! WendyWoo, awake and smiling like a saint, nudge, nudge - good to meet you at last!  Grey Sunrise, Dark Angel, Eliane, Marie, Eurydice & Pandora - Medusa and ChrisUK just to name a few..  i was standing having a chat on my way just down the line from where Trinity & POB were, when Lisa appeared, gathering up a lady with a walking stick - saw me and said "Lovejames! you can't be standing out here long!  come with me" in such commanding tones - i loved it!   Supressing the urge to giggle, i followed in her majestic wake, with gratitude.   We were ushered into the foyer and who should be there but Bitten - first to greet me again, girl!   Registration took all of three minutes and was done - great stuff.

Rocky came over for a hug, nice to see you again...  you are looking good.  She pointed me over to the table on the other side, where free Dreamwatch and the latest Angel mag were set out for us and a sweet little Halloween goodybag!  How very nice and unexpected, very sweet thought.  [i found later the goody bag had all sorts of nice things, pens, stickers, a black cat eraser, a pumpkin face badge and some postcards of Evenstar's paintings - i was impressed].

Lisa returned with Ken, our Disabled Steward;  great to meet you, mate.  We co-ordinated timings for the morrow with Char and we were done.   i went to sit on the steps outside until my ladies were finished and Lucia and Nella promptly arrived - Ciao, Baby!!  super to see you again!  we caught up a bit more over the weekend but it was damned good to see so many lovely faces that night.

Eventually Susie, Trin & Pob, Buffy2K all assembled and i hailed a couple of cabs and we went into town to the Phoenix Theatre Club for drinks and a bite to eat.  More friends turned up there - Sami, FrenchDaria, SilverJamie, Exoticmushroom, Pandis, along with Chrisuk, Medusa, Duster, Mir, Grey Sunrise to name a few.   It was super crowded but we took photos and whooped a bit!   Trin was getting stressed out and exhausted [sightseeing all day too!], so we said goodnight and hoofed it back to the Docklands Travelodge - left Susie having some dinner but she came back with WildernessChild, Sami, Pandis etc who were also staying there.

We arranged times to meet the next morning and i dropped in on Char. She had come to somewhat and sat up and had some food while i made a cup of tea.  We chatted for a while and we exchanged the gear we had brought for each other, wouldn't have a lot of time next day...  we set out a timetable and i retired to our room to let her sleep some more, had a natter to Susie and we turned in. That was Friday. 

Saturday tomorrow.