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Colours for Christmas

An insight into colours for you...

Do you have a favourite colour?

If you're like most people, you probably do.  If so, make a mental note of the colour you like BEST before reading on.  As we shall see, your colour preference says a lot about the real you.  Nobody is indifferent to colour.  Indeed, psychologists have shown that colours directly affect us emotionally, for better or worse.  This is why expert attention is now given to the colours used in homes, offices and institutions.  For some colours excite, some calm -  while others annoy or depress.   As individuals, we all make use of colour in our lives.  The colours we choose for our clothes or for our car, express our basic personality.  They can serve as messages to other people.

Certain colours are by tradition assigned to the 12 signs of the Zodiac.  For a native born under a certain sign, the colours of that sign are lucky.  More importantly, colour researchers have demonstrated that these colours match almost perfectly the character traits of the signs.  Thus tradition is now confirmed by science!  The colours assigned to the Zodiac signs were not randomly chosen.  Astrology, and the occult arts in general, is constructed logically.  Each sign is ruled by a certain planet that is associated with the sign.  In turn, the colour of the planet is derived from the characteristics of that planet.

The colour Red for example, is associated with Mars.  Red is Mars' colour because the planet itself has a ruddy glow.  This is due to the high iron content of the Martian surface.

Venus is linked with Green, the colour of plants.  At one time Venus was regarded as a vegetation goddess, who was responsible for crop growth.

The Sun, the great golden globe is associated, naturally, with the colour Gold.   Yellow,  close to gold, is the colour of the planet Mercury.  Mercury is the planet nearest the Sun and so lies bathed in its yellow glow.

Jupiter, the largest planet, is named for the king of the gods and in Roman times, Purple was the colour of the Emperor and symbolised his majesty.  By transference, the colour was linked to the divine ruler.

Saturn is the dimmest of the visible planets and was considered to be the planet of old age, death and the underworld.  Because the realms of the dead were thought to be dark and gloomy, Black became the colour of Saturn.

Neptune was the ancient ruler of the sea and so Blue, the sea's colour – at least in the Mediterranean – is the colour of Neptune.

The Moon glows with a pale, reflected light and if visible in the day, it is White in appearance, so has become the Moon's traditional colour.

Finally, and for more obscure reasons, the colour Violet is associated with Uranus and probably derives from the fact that Uranus was once king of the gods.  Violet then, a colour close to purple, became a symbol of his deposition.

Relating the planets to the 12 Zodiac signs, we find that that the principal colours of these are as follows:

Aries & Scorpio           Red

Taurus & Libra           Green

Gemini & Virgo           Yellow

Leo                               Gold

Cancer                         White

Sagittarius                  Purple

Capricorn                    Black

Pisces                         Blue

Aquarius                     Violet

Other colours, often close to the principal colour, are linked with each sign.  These are the sign's secondary colours.  They too are lucky, although less so than the principal colour.

Aries is associated with pink and yellow;  Taurus with orange, indigo and shades of blue;  Gemini with orange and light green.  The secondary colours of Cancer are emerald green and amber;  of Leo, orange and yellow;  Virgo, pale blue and jade green;  Libra, blue and violet;  Scorpio, russet, brown and blue;  Sagittarius, orange, blue and mauve;  Capricorn, indigo and grey;  Aquarius, electric blue and green;  and lastly, Pisces, purple, mauve and sea green.

You may have already noted that your favourite colour is either the principal colour or one of the secondary colours associated with your birth sign.  If this is the case, then you are a typical native of that sign and means that your Sun-sign personality is dominant.  However, sometimes the ascendant personality is stronger and so masks or modifies the Sun personality.

Your Favourite Colour is Yellow:

You are an intellectual by nature and somewhat suspicious of emotion.  You keep a tight control on your temper at all times.   You like ideas and prefer theory to practice.  Inside, you are rather shy and unsure of yourself.  You may belong to a group or organisation dedicated to changing the world in some way.  This is because your ideals are high.  What you respect most is intelligence and you want others to think you are clever.  Your interests all tend to revolve around improving your mind.  You make a good friend although you sometimes expect too much of others, who can find you exacting and critical.  You enjoy novelty and change, have a good imagination and a lot of nervous energy.

Your Favourite Colour is Gold:

This is the colour of the Sun and the most expensive metal.  You tend to stand out in a crowd;  at least you have a high opinion of yourself.  Your disposition is sunny and bright and you have a ready smile.  You are very social and have a lot of friends.  Indeed, friends are important to your, not only for the company they provide but to bolster your ego.  You are honest and straight-forward;  dishonesty in others alarms you.  As you are essentially optimistic, you bounce back after every reverse in life.  Sometimes your natural sense of superiority may be your greatest enemy.  You do your best, however, to be friendly and agreeable.  When things go unexpectedly right for you, you may become euphoric.

Your Favourite Colour is White:

Strictly speaking, White is not a colour.  In fact, white light contains all the colours.  So you are something of a wolf in sheep's clothing.  Outwardly you appear calm, cool and collected, yet within run deep passions and convictions.  You can be all things to all people as your personality is very accommodating.  You prefer your own company, however, and are happiest in familiar surroundings.  Often you set standards for yourself that you find very hard to live up to.  This can cause frustration and anxiety.  You prefer directness, logic and clean living to their emotional opposites.  While others find you difficult to approach, once contact is made your response is surprising in its warmth.

Your Favourite Colour is Purple:

You have certain qualities that distinguish you from others.  In fact, you feel set apart from the common herd.  Your mind is intelligent, sensitive and artistic.  You tend, however, to be rather vain and you like dressing in different or exotic clothes.  You need attention – and you invariably get it.  You get on well with others although if things don’t go your way, you become easily depressed and discouraged.  To bring out your talents, you need discipline and control, qualities you lack.  If you are in a position of authority, you can act high-handedly.  Yet you have talents of a high order and a true artistic nature.  Your observation is excellent.

Your Favourite Colour is Black:

 At heart, you are sophisticated and worldly, not gloomy and pre-occupied with death as some might expect.  Others find you rather aloof but this is only because deep down you are unsure of yourself.  In fact, your public self may be very different from your private one.  You do not have strong emotions, preferring coolness and logic to passion.  You enjoy mystifying other people  and you may pretend to believe in ideas or participate in pursuits that are actually inimical to you.  Yet you are basically honest and decent, although lacking in wit and fire.

Your Favourite Colour is Violet:

You are first and foremost an individual and you place great importance on your personal freedom.  Indeed you hate being tied down by others or by responsibilities.  You have a restless talent which can take you far if you can harness it.  You need attention and will often go to extremes to gain it.  Because of this, others sometimes find you petulant and childish.  You are also vain.  In life, your preference is for high but civilised living.  You are expert in the social grace and know how to please.  You find it stimulating to be with people who excel in their field or who have novel things to say.  Your ideals are high and you may involve yourself with groups to bring about social or cultural change.  You seldom reveal what you really feel inside.

Your Favourite Colour is Blue:

You are a sensitive person, both to yourself and others.  At heart, you are conservative, preferring the known and familiar.  You think a lot, especially about your actions and opinions.  You tend to keep your emotions under control, particularly in public.  Your opinion of yourself is high and your beliefs are essentially static.  Ignorance and foolishness – even frivolity – annoy you.  Your intuition is well developed and is of considerable use to you in your work.  You make a fine executive and can work hard to achieve your goals.  You like others to look up to you and are distressed at the thought that they may deride you behind your back.  Your enthusiasms are controlled.  Social by nature, you make a good friend and trustworthy confidante.

Merry Christmas!


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Dec. 12th, 2007 04:28 pm (UTC)
Favourite Colour
OMG! This works...

My fave colour is black and I'm a Capricorn and what it said later is basically true, excpet for the not having wit and fire.. cos I do... I'm a funny girl and hubby's always telling me I'm hot stuff :p.
Did yours work out correct?

Laters hun xx
Lise xxx
Dec. 13th, 2007 10:24 am (UTC)
Re: Favourite Colour
You are indeed a funny lady and i'll take your husband's word for it!
You'll find that in any description of a Sign or horoscope, there will be part or parts that don't exactly tally. If all of it were true, we'd be carbon copies of each other and boring as hell!
My favourite colours are blue & black, and although i do love the African Violet shades, i'm not really a Purple girl... so i have traits from all three shades.
Like all of these horoscope/divination things, they are fascinating because they talk about US!!
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