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Saturday - from 1400 onwards

Just a quick note before i start again - all the avitars i use come from all over and i tend to quickly copy before i forget - please be sure i will never publish them on a website without your permission, because i have no idea where it comes from, most of the time!  here is the only place it will be but if i do use one i'm not supposed to, please tell me and i will take it down straight away. i only use the most beautiful and clever ones anyhow!!  like this one, isn't it fabulous?

So there we are, coming up on James Q&A time and i actually have a question for him!  i wish now that i had known he wanted to be upbeat and cheerful and i would not have asked him what he would want his obituary to say, how did he want to be remembered?  i would have asked him something frivolous and silly...  oh well.

While we waited, more people came to say high and i knew them but to my shame had trouble with names... to all of you sweeties, my apologies and don't think for one minute that lessened my pleasure in seeing all of you, 'cause it didn't one jot!  so great to see people you like...

Time finally passed and James bounced out onto the stage in fine humour and form - looking good in grey-striped shirt and black? cargo pants, nice change from the jeans.   But i don't mind what he wears as long as he is there....  he'd look good in a black plastic binliner...

When it got to my turn, i was able to stay in my seat and ask the question and i must have been a bit quiet as he called to me, "Use the mike, honey, you have the power!" - i quickly replied, "no, you have the power, baby!" and asked it - he replied promptly [suggesting not new] - producer, director, good father - his usual stuff and passed on quickly, next...  o-kay, fine, lots of others to answer...  He really only seemed to want the light and funny ones and that was fine.  i didn't really mind and he made up for it later! 

there are transcripts out already and lots of other people's reports, so i won't comment any more than to say, it all passed far too quickly and he was off to do more photographs with David.  But i felt so sorry for Luke Perry coming out to do his Q&A immediately afterwards - to see 2/3 of the hall get up and walk off...  no reflection on him, just photograph, autograph and merchandise queues, to do...  i heard later, he was pretty mad that happened but what can i say? i went to see if my photo was ready and it was.  Lovely shot - with a large black hair down James' neck and a white scratch on his shirt...  so i was allowed back, on the re-shoot schedule, which happened immediately - i was rushed in and i hurried up to James saying, sorry, it wasn't you guys, it was a great pic but the developer goofed! - no problem, quick snap and out.

Char was starting to worry about getting her picture done and the disabled photoshoot finally was organised in a side corridor off the main hall [of all places! thank you, sweetie!].   She really hates that wheelchair and flatly refuses to be photographed in it.  So when it was her turn, i pushed her as close as i could to the boys, nipped round the front and got her on her feet, steadied her and moved to one side, still holding on - and David and James stepped forward like we had rehearsed it and wedged her firmly between them - that probably accounts for the smile on her face!!  She kicked out of her shoes as they made her taller than James and as she said, she really isn't - i hauled the chair out of there and they settled into the photo.   All in reverse, chair at the ready and i came close to David, while she put her feet back in her shoes.  i took the time to tell James that the jewellery box she made him for Oakland, came hand-painted with a picture of Juneau - and that the jewellery she'd made him [and for his son & niece] came with a lifetime guarantee.  They had a quick word and David asked me quietly, where did you say she came from? and i said Juneau, Alaska, with an 8 hour stopover in Seattle! and he was very impressed - on her own? yes. In a chair? yes.   i could see him digesting that and i smiled at him, saying equally as quietly, 'she's a fan'.  i got her back in the chair with James' help and he didn't step away but as soon as she was settled, leaned in and kissed the top of her head, giving her shoulders a squeeze...   He straightened up and smiled at me as i smiled 'thank you' at him - then he slid an arm across my shoulders and kissed my cheek - [all i could think of was, he kissed my tattoos...] - i hastily exited as i was almost in tears.  Got us outside and we both shed a few...  i told her David was impressed with her and i'm not sure she believed me, modest person that she is, but i knew better...

The afternoon continued with Q&As from Amy & Juliet and they called Row D for autographs from David & James.  Char was okay for a while and i thought i would go then and cut down on time overlap...  HA! i found a huge line had formed and wound its way round the bloody building - the Steward had obviously never seen me climb stairs and didn't know i couldn't stand for long, so i said i was one of Ken's ladies [no response like i said, no chairs were available].  So not impressed, so i said sod it, i'll do this tomorrow with the disabled queue, and walked off.  i know, i am unreasonable and - what were the other words,Char?! pendantic, arrogant & patronising [this is list according to UberBitch]...  okay, i'm a nasty cow but i don't do queues well, they cripple me.   Susie managed better than i did and got hers, as did half of the Hall, i think.

We managed a couple of good chats with Steve Himber over the two days and he was very interesting in what he had to say about Oakland.  He was not able to attend that weekend and he was not very happy when he found out what went on at the Convention in SanFran, to say the least - his comments were off the record and i will leave you to imagine his displeasure.    But if Halloween is a taste or tester for things to come, it augers well for future 'hands on' experiences.  i told Steve on Sunday how well the Con was going and how pleased we were with the weekend and how happy we would be to tell everyone how brilliant it had been.   He was quite emphatic in response as to where James would NOT be next year - i have a feeling there are a few places that are going to feel a lack of James' presence in the future...   As Steve said - if it is on the website, it will be correct - anything else is speculation unless confirmed by them.

On to David & James' double act on the comentary for The Girl in Question - suffice it to say, it was very funny and i was pleased to note David relaxed and supplied a lot of sound effects for the episode, so much so that James simply sat back and let him go!  he just added bits to the fight sequences and the slo-mo fight in particular which was hillarious - David's Vespa noises were the longest raspberry i have ever heard!! i think James was laughing as much as we were.  We had hysterics when they were talking about the Rome Head of Wolfram & Hart and her boobs...  it all passed too quickly and we gave them a riotous round of applause for their efforts - it was terrific!

James went off to rest and get changed for his acoustic set later and David stuck around to draw some more raffle prizes - i am sure most people got theirs but if you missed out on the numbers, i recorded them all up to the last 30? just after the breakfast raffle anyway..  so if you think you got something and need an independant check, let me know your # and i will check my list.  Although i know for a fact a full list was taken and stored at the Con by Deni on the front info desk at least.

David then decided no, he wasn't going to read the Horror story as scheduled but he would give shoutouts to fans in the audience who had come to his notice and attention in some way - guess who was first on his list, my darlings? your very own Aunty Char!    [i wondered about that later when i heard that a couple of people had written and emailed Steve Himber about Char, me and Susie - it may have been you, pet, who helped single out Char].   He said he had a present for her and called her down to the front of the stage and i whispered to her, "Told you he was impressed with you!"  He was very kind, with mabe a little too much information but he did have the very best of intentions. He said she had come so far on her own and how brave he thought she was.  He gave Char a model of the Angel convertable that they had up to Season 5 [memories of Spike riding 'shotgun' in the front!] and he had signed the package too.  i reached up and pressed his hand and he took Char's as well, nice man and a nice gesture.  **We didn't tell him we would rather have had the Macbeth signed by James!  ain't i a bitch?!!**  Oh, Ticket #103 got that one btw...

Others followed and it was nice to see some very selfless people get a shoutout for being good people, not enough recogition for such things..  David then waved and took him self off...  [probably dying for a drink by then!!  we certainly were - Susie appeared like magic and got some in!  what did i tell you...] - then it was time for James.

He had the open necked shirt on - Italian suede like we said, the neck was designed that way and did not have buttons - James said on TRL or T4, can't remember which one - it was a present from Stunt Steve [Tattaglia, very nice man] to get him out of the inevitable t-shirts...  Thank you, Steve!   But he couldn't get James out of the knee ventilated jeans...  oh well, who cares..  the chain is one he wears a lot and he seems to prefer the silver colour, mind you, it could be platinum for all i know, can't tell from a distance.

The first song was nervous and he opened his soul to us...  i think when we made the rafters ring, he knew we were with him all the way and he relaxed into the rest of the concert.  The set list he crumpled and threw into the audience - lucky lady - will we ever get to see it?  They were all his songs except for Every Man by his producer and he did them full justice and we would have kept him there all night if we could. 

It is so nice to be able to hear James, without interruption - even by GOTR, who i still like but i must say, they needed him more than he need them - but i know he will argue with me [they helped fulfil a dream maybe] - it was a good experience for him to be with a band and it gave him the chance to be RockStar James for a couple of years.  i know how good that can feel and i am so glad he was able to do that but in the end he has decided wisely, i think.  He could get a small combo behind him to play his music with him in the future; a bass, a second guitar and a good jazz drummer maybe to back him, not drown him - if you know what i mean, so we can hear every word he says and enjoy it.  There are many very good session musicians, i am sure, who would jump at the chance.    i am so looking forward to his CD and i know i speak for every fan he has...  roll on, March 2005!!

James' guitar playing has improved out of sight [Ostile 17 was right] and we loved everything he played.  His left hand was taking the strain - what with all those autographs earlier - and he rested it while he told us the story of Should Have Punched the Preacher, when he broke his left hand punching the concrete floor instead.  OUCH, no medical insurance and they kept breaking the bones to re-set them?!! bloody hell...  no wonder that hand looks red and sore some times...

He finished the set and i think the entire Hall rose to it's feet without thinking, to give him that rare standing ovation that he so richly deserved - yes baby, we really do love what you do and you gave us something precious that night - yourself.   Maybe now you will know, we believe in you.  

Emotional and happy, we streamed out of the Hall and some went to the pub - we said goodnight to Ken and Susie, Trin, Pob and i took Char home.  We didn't have to be up so early the next day as none of us had super early things to do, i think and the photos for David & James were not scheduled until 11.30 - so a little leeway - which was just as well as it turned out ...

Ok that was Saturday, luvs and Sunday still to come - this is one of my marathons, isn't it?  Did my travels in China rave on as much, Caz?!!

good night for now