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First Day of Live Journal, Luvs!

Wow, this has to be a strange day... UberBitch [upline boss] is back from holiday and spent the day on the phone tracing her lost luggage... and driving us crazy in the process...

My darling Irish is in the depth of depression, again... you have had a lot to put up with haven't you, one way or another? now she's so monosyllabic, she can barely speak to me. She's well, she's not so well - it's a permanent swings and roundabouts. But you did have His hand on your ass, did you not and you did get to go to the Concert, did you not? We didn't. You get sunshine and rain in the same day and a vulture shits on you from a great height - that's life and she's a Bitch.

 i have a dear friend who is battling cancer with such bravery, it makes me cry and another friend who is so great, i have adopted her - how are you, my darlings?! and yet another friend who is having the divorce from Hell, after 20-odd years of bad marriage and how he is managing to carry on, i just don't know - you are amazing, my love. i will be here for all of you and you know that.

Me? oh i'm fine thank you - back hurts in so many places, it is working as a counter-irritant to my left knee and the swollen gland in my neck that has been as hard as a rock for three days. They tried to serve us sausages again for the sixth or seventh time in a row [for lunch and dinner], with the inevitable chips and baked beans, last night - i rebelled and ordered take out Chinese [finished it off tonight].... If my leg doesn't stop hurting soon [you can live with pain but it's not nice], i may just cut it off - surely it can't be as bad as a wooden one? ["Pegleg got woodworm and it broke into three" immediately popped in to my noggin] - and that made me snort with a laugh.

My friends are all over the world, Auckland, Wollongong, Brisbane, Santa Barbara, Phoenix, Alaska, Toronto, Bath, Paris and Bromley but i sure could use a hug right now.

Some of my friends died too, not just one, and so did my darling Ma and my Dad but you can't give up because if you do you have died too - yes, they take bit of you with them - i am starting to look like some unholy cheese that the mice have eaten... But i will not give up and i will not be beaten by the petty bureaucrats or the bastards who try to beat you down because they can and it gives them a weird feeling of power to be shits to people or the general public who don't know you, don't want to know you and who will ride over you without a seconds qualm - to hell with them all, i say - don't try rolling over me, baby!  I BITE

 i think that is quite enough for my first post, don't you?

i love you my dears


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Feb. 3rd, 2004 03:02 pm (UTC)
love you.

added you.
Feb. 3rd, 2004 03:14 pm (UTC)
Thank you, sweetie
talk to you soon
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