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Happy New Year!!!

i can't believe it has been so long since i posted on here!

So first, seasons greetings to everyone and especially to Antji, who must think i don't love her anymore!  i got your card and i was thrilled to hear from you but it was much too close to Christmas to have a hope of getting one off to you in time.   i did want to say 'hi' but i don't have an email addy for you, so i hope you forgive this Very Late apology but you were definitely in my thoughts!! 

i keep up to date with all of you via the Friends section and i am really glad i can.  It has been so hectic this Christmas, i have hardly had time to scratch myself...

Nevermind, it is all over now and it is Twelfth Night [never did work out what that was - i know it is 12 days after Christmas but why is that important?  gotta be something religious, i guess], usually some christian thing superimposed over a pagan day or festival - i don't know, these guys were so determined to try and stamp out all other religions, just like the rest, the Muslims, Mormons, Christian Scientists etc etc etc - though the Muslim were about the most militant i think.  Much prefer Buddhists...  but will always be a pagan sort i think...  if i believe in any religion that is, which ain't much!  it is all pretty much the same and they all think they are the Only One but neither pagans or Buddhists try and cram it down your throat or threaten to kill you if you don't join....  mind you in today's politically-correct obsessed world, you aren't allowed to do that any more - well, not when anybody's looking....

I did enjoy going to Ralph & Anna's for Christmas Day/Boxing Day - Craig came and got me from the Hotel about 11am Christmas morning and we chatted on the drive over, nice lad.  He and Nicola are getting married in August and i have been invited, might even go, who knows?  Had a nice greeting from everyone and it evolved that Stephen and Craig were the only ones joining us, Nicola was working till later that afternoon and Slavka [my Aunty-in-law] was having Chrissie lunch at Maria's (Anna's sister] - just the five of us.  Stephen took me over to see his new house, still being renovated and it has some very nice views over the valley.

Very nice lunch and i enjoyed every mouthfull...  Ralph was pouring drinks before hand - triples by the taste of them! and we had some nice Aussie red with the turkey [beautiful boneless roll, very tasty] - my Aunty Norah had made Christmas pudding and a huge cake, both of which i sampled - nix on the pud but the cake is delicious.   We watch some tv and i wound up watching the 'Buena Vista Social Club', on my own, in the new little snug/lounge off the kitchen, very cosy.   If you like latin music and particularly Cuban 'country' music [courtesy of Ry Cooder], this is good....   Anna & Ralph bought me a new dragon - damned if i know where i can put him or when i will be able to display him next but very nice, thankyou.

We had an equally good lunch on Boxing Day and Cousin Ralph took me home, which i really enjoyed, i see him so rarely.  They had been for a holiday in Phuket in early Dec - for which i am eternally grateful...   Dreadful mess there now.   Amazon.com have a nice scheme to send money to disaster area, for UK subscribers as we don't pay VAT and they will donate the amount for us, nice.  So i sent some, goddess knows i cannot afford it but i am alive at least....

Mark came over for the night of the 27th Dec and i had him booked into the Hotel.  We had dinner in and caught up somewhat, deciding what we wanted to do the next day.   We wound up taking a drive out to Pateley Bridge, good views over part of the moors and down to Fountains Abbey.  Mark had never been and i think he quite enjoyed the ruins - was going to take him up Brimham Rocks but the wind was damned cold...  We had lunch in a tiny pub in the equally tiny Summerbridge, the Flying Dutchman? omelettes with the inevitable chips, but fresh and nice.  Back to Harrogate and i had booked us into the Italian down the road, along with Nicky, a pretty girlfriend - it was to say thanks to her and give Mark something to look at!  and that was that really.  Mark off the next morning as i went back to work...   oh, he gave me a dragon too, a gloriously demented beast!!

So i am now back to work, less frantic and i can now draw breath and try to find the strength to ward off the next attack from the Uberbitch - she is bound to be brewing something...  mind you, all this having to switch from the Sri Lanka holiday! to one in St Lucia has kept her tiny mind occupied recently...

i am looking forward to the Solo James tour in April, we have tickets for everything so far, with one date remaining to be announced - everything else is pretty much booked out now.  We start off in Liverpool, at the Cavern on 22nd April and the missing date is the 23rd - then Coventry for the 'official' launch of James' CD on the 25th.  Then Bristol on the 27th and into London for the last two dates, Academy Islington on 29th and St James on 30th.  Wow!  what a ride!!  and i am going to try and do it all!

James is also going to be doing Collectormania7 in Milton Keynes on either the 1st or 2nd May - so may do that too!  we shall have to see...  depends which day it is.  i have the 22/4 - 2/5 on holiday [the 2nd is a public holiday], so i can do it if i try!

i gotta go now but i will write more about doing the tour when the last date is announced - take care luvs



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Jan. 7th, 2005 07:46 am (UTC)
wow you've been busy!!

I'm doing all the James stuff except Liverpool, undecided about Collectormania though

oh and Twelfth Night is Epiphany the church celebrates it as the day on which the three wise men/ three kings presented their gifts to Jesus and Mary in the stable and identified him as the child whose coming was foretold it's traditionally the last of the twelve feast days of Christmas some traditions do their Christmas gift giving on that day to commemorate the gifts of Gold Frankincense and myrh

Jan. 7th, 2005 08:26 am (UTC)
hi babe!

thanks for the 12th night info, i'd have asked my Mum as she would have known. She was brought up on lots of Sunday school and that stuff but sadly she has been dead for five years.
i'm glad you are coming to the Tour, look for me and come say 'hi'? i'll be wearing my tats as usual and sitting down in the queue on my blue fold-up chair!!
see yah!
Jan. 8th, 2005 02:25 pm (UTC)
Honey, could you do me the favour and get me his CD when you go on tour? There are no dates planned in the US (bugger...), so there is no chance for me to get it.

Thanks hun!
Jan. 8th, 2005 05:01 pm (UTC)
sure, no problem - i'll let you know when i have it for you
take care luv
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