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Wednesday 5th March

Well, today it's been bad news and good news..  Are you sitting comfortably?  'cos i'm going to have a RANT!  yes, another one....
It was go-see-the-surgeon day today and i was a little early, always am, get nervous otherwise.  But they were running late - boy, were they running late - how's 45 minutes late?
Eventually this little man comes in with the male nurse, who'd shown me into the consulting room - no, not my soon-to-be-surgeon-we-hope but his colleague, he says.  
i'd already been weighed in [111 something kgs, on the one set of scales he finds that actually work] and about 110 kgs, sans clothes, on my scales yesterday - Having lost the 5kg that i put on over Christmas! - which i attempt to explain to this Unfortunate Little Man [mostly to show that in spite of not being much less than i was when they saw me last - oh dear, this is getting complicated but stick with me! but to show that i am capable of loosing some substantial weight] and that by the time the proposed operation comes around, i will be considerably less.
Does this matter a damn to this ULM??  no, it bloody doesn't;  he barely listens to me.  He waits for a break in the traffic and just says, "You haven't reached the goal weight".  It's like waving a red flag at a bull...  What goal weight? i demand, and tell him the damned surgeon WOULD NOT GIVE ME ONE!  100 kgs, he says.  i tell him i was not given one - in spite of my asking repeatedly for just that when i saw the thrice-accursed surgeon last November!
'Oh, but it's in the notes', ULM keeps saying, until i give him the bent eye and say in tones that would carve marble, 'Telling me would have been nice' - and he witters on about sending the notes to my doctors [they never said a word, as they probably thought he HAD actually TOLD ME] - 'so sorry', he would ring Keene [the thrice-accursed surgeon] and see what he says.   He wanders off, leaving me struggling with apoplexy...  a good ten minutes later, he wanders back in - no, Keene won't budge, if i'm not 100 kgs or less, he won't operate... Again, so sorry, come back in three months or earlier if you get down to that before JUNE.
i'm about speechless with rage - not only am i not anywhere near the bloody surgical list but they're quite happy for me to hobble around in pain, until i fit this cretin's fetish for the BMI [body mass index] and height/weight soddin ratio...  "It's different for knees", the ULM whines, when i acidly point out that i weighed more than i do now, when they replaced my hip [and when i had that hernia repair].  'So sorry' [he's still whining] 'but we can get you in really quickly now, 12 weeks, no waiting for six months or longer' - that's not a special deal you are offering me, mate, it's supposed to be an average three months now, cretin, or you are explaining yourself to the medical council why not!!   i just looked at him and said in glacial tones, 'You could try talking to me in future.  Sorry don't cut it' and stood up to leave.   He just mumbled and got out of my way; i must have looked as angry as i felt.   i got the appointment date & time from their reception and left before i ran amok...  i swore under my breath with every step, until i got outside....
What really burns me, is this complete waste of my time could have been totally avoided - why the bloody hell would i go there if i had not reached their bloody 'goal weight', you ponce??  i could have phoned it in, instead of wasting TWO HOURS of my time.  i could have said, 'not there yet, give me another month' or whatever - your time might be valuable but so is mine.
AAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRGH!!!   i felt like saying, fuck the diet, fuck you and the horse you rode in on and getting a pint of icecream and eating the lot.   i didn't, of course.  i did what i had planned on the way home, had some lunch and made a meatloaf.   Okay, i had more nuts that i should have done and a snack of cheese and pickled cucumber later [but that's on my allowed list].  The restraint nearly strangled me, so pretended the mince i was mixing with my hands were the surgeon's testicles and gave them a bloody good mash!  That helped...
i kept busy for the rest of the day and watched 'Torchwood' tonight - first the repeat of the next Owen-centric story and then Gwen's wedding day.  What a hoot! and touching at the same time.
Finally, my patient sweet friends, the good news.  Fangy Angel wants my Borderline ticket - Thank you, goddess!   We'll exchange ticket & cash on the night, save postage and any possible loss too.  We're both happy bunnies now.

That's it for now, more in our next exciting episode!
Take care



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Mar. 6th, 2008 02:32 am (UTC)
YEY, happy dance!
Well, not for "the nutcracking by proxy thingie" but the ticket!

Was just about to send you a PM but your journal turned up on my Friends-page.
What a relief...

The weight thing sucks! OK if the doctors are busy but they can´t expect patients to be telepathic and read their minds. Don´t hurt to tell out LOUD what weight he wants you to reach before surgery.
Good thing is you have a specific goal now! And great that you have dropped the Christmas-high already!
Dieting is very boring, but there´s something good waiting when it´s done.

And I have been working so I don´t give a s--t about eating healthy at the moment = gained 2 kg´s over the last 2 weeks. How the hell did that happen? ARGH!!! I eat when I´m tired, OK.

But I have 4 days off, at least I´m walking my 2 hours/day now. And try to catch up on sleep.

Worked 9 days in a row again. Money for London is nice. And I´ll try to work at least 4-5 extra days more before I´m off.

Hey, no news about the pension-hell? How´s that going?

I´m off to bed now, it´s 3.40 in the night, have turned the days around because I worked 5 nights in a row at the end of this period. And I have 3 night shifts this coming weekend, so I´m not keeping office hours this week.

Have a load of nice photos to edit, and the online course + night school tomorrow.

The days have too few hours.

See You in London! 7 weeks to go... and counting
Mar. 6th, 2008 09:41 am (UTC)
Thanks, babe! Yes, it's brilliant about Fangy, isn't it?
The stupid part of this weight thing is that i don't care about what the goal weight is, i can handle that but that they wouldn't tell me what it was BEFORE - that is what got me so mad. So avoidable...
Yes, dieting can be very boring but we all just have to hang in there and get on with it. So that is what i'm doing and trying to eat less as well. i'm going to check now and see if caffeine does stall the weight loss, as i really miss my coffee and let's face it, my brain needs all the help it can get!

i'm happy you are getting a break from all that overtime, honey. You worry me when you work so hard...oh, i know why, we all need the extra money and i'm strangling myself trying to save a few pounds here and there for April - i even started to use my money box! But be careful, yes? Don't over do it.

Fingers crossed, we may have got the pension ironed out now... says she, in a whisper as the gods might be listening. If the money goes in okay on Friday, we'll have cracked it. Now of course, i'll start having trouble with the Housing Benefit... *oh, please, NO!*

i keep having a look at your Pbase and enjoying the pictures that come up - i quite often send some to Char to look at and she loves them all. She said to tell you, they're brilliant... Hope you are enjoying all your courses and they're working out for you.

We need outside stimulii, don't we? i think that is why i do the looking after houses thing for the landlord, apart from the money [i get more for cleaning the house], and it gives me something to do and regular interaction with people and i need that with no friends physically nearby.

Take care, petal, not long to go now, yes!
Mar. 6th, 2008 06:48 am (UTC)
What a complete nightmare. Good luck with loosing the rest of the weight.
Mar. 6th, 2008 09:45 am (UTC)
Thanks, love... i have nothing to loose but the weight and i'm determined to do that. But it was the not-being-told, that infuriated me so much, not the amount to loose - and the waste of time. Sods...

These things are sent to try us, aren't they?? Just don't have to try quite so damned hard!
Mar. 6th, 2008 08:13 am (UTC)
So sorry to hear that you have a bunch of complete arses as your medical team. Do they realize how much 100kg is? If you lost all that in 12 weeks you'd make yourself seriously ill ! Nobody should attempt that in such a short amount of time.Did they offer you a dietitian? I bloody doubt it!

I'm glad you vented on some mince, cos I would dread to see what the guys balls would look like had you have gotten your mits on 'em.

I assume your pension is sorted now and that is one less stress on you at the moment hun? I'm glad that you have found a taker for your spare ticket.Not long now!

Well my son is climbing the walls and is about to go into his possessed tazmanian devil act on me, so best get him to school and inflict him on the bitch of a teacher he has. I stoked him up good and proper on chocolate milkshake and coco pops this morning .... mwahahahaha < evil laff .

Hugs and kisses
Lise x
Mar. 6th, 2008 09:55 am (UTC)
No, no, i have to loose 10 kgs to reach the weight he wants! And that's do-able... You are quite right, no offer of help of any kind. And if i'd got said mits on his balls, they would not have been attached to his body...
i think we may have cracked the pension - just got fingers crossed something else in the bloody bureaucratic system won't go wrong now...
It's brilliant that Fangy wants my ticket, isn't it? One less thing to worry about and a little more cash for eating money!
*snorts* Your son sounds like a wind-up toy! i didn't like all my teachers when i was at school, luckily the last one was a pet...tough but a sweetie.
See you soon, petal!
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