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Jobs you really don't want to do...

Friday smile...  courtesy of my mate Caz



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Mar. 8th, 2008 01:44 am (UTC)
Giggle snort!!!
Gives you a good laugh. I have a great job...

Did you get the pension today? Isn´t it Fridays?

I have 2 more days off. NICE!
Burned all Torchwood episodes, season 2, to a DVD. Gonna watch them before The Rift, so I don´t make a bigger fool than I am of myself. ´Cause I have only seen "Kiss kiss, bang bang".
People give me suspicious looks when I say I don´t watch tv ;o)

Got some nice pics on our dog-/camerawalk today. Odd, I didn´t think there were anything interesting I snapped and then when I uploaded the pics to my computer I found 3 very nice shots... I know that "real" photographers have their cameras with them all the time and if I think about it it´s like excercise with some extra weights... Burn more calories! LOL!!! I´ll take it with me tomorrow too.

Have a nice weekend, Jill!

Mar. 12th, 2008 12:48 pm (UTC)
Not sure why, but LJ didn't 'ping' this message through to me - usually notify me of every new one... so i have only just seen this! Sorry! i try and reply quickly as a rule, just haven't been in here for a coupla days.
The pension gets paid in on the Friday for me to access on Mondays - i can check online with Bank to see if it has been done, anytime from late Friday night/Saturday. And yes, it went through ok. Hopefully no more problems with it, though it will take a while until i stop checking to make sure! Also a result from the National Pension Centre, they are going to refund my bank charges and give me some compensation too, calling it a Special Payment. This will be £50 with an additional amound of £25, taking into consideration 'telephone & written costs' - so £75 on its way - get this! Sometime in the next 4-6 weeks!
Gotta go, getting haircut
Mar. 12th, 2008 07:20 pm (UTC)
Hi, Jill!

did 3 more nightshifts, have 2 days off again. I had my camera with me Monday night, I was "extra" on another shift. So I had some time to roam around the older parts of the mill and snap photos. Like 3-400 of them. He he.. Now I have a load to play with in PS.

Hey, think positively about the compensation for the pension fuzzies: You get it in time for London! If not that 4-6 weeks turns into 4-6 months or so...

How´s the diet going? I gained 2 kg´s in the last 3 weeks, don´t know why, but now I have walked off 1,5 kg´s of them. I´ve been starting to think like this: If I put on 200 grams/week = 10 kg´s in a year! No way!!!

So I´m really working on staying under 67 kg´s now. I don´t like to have to think about everything I eat, but I don´t want to put on extra weight either. So... You have to "chose between a rock and a hard place" or what that saying is...

It´s OK when I have time to walk and plan my meals but when RL starts to pile up, ARGH!!!

Have a good time!

I´m going to play with my latest toy now: A memorycard backup device called Hyperdrive Colorspace, that´s an external ordinary 2,5´HD (that are used in laptops) with a dock including batteries and cardreader. You can backup 100 GB of photos in it. Fast!! So now I don´t have to worry about running out of space for my piccies in London! Great, eh?
Specially the part with batteries included, you can have it with you camping and stuff, don´t need a computer or electricity. And if I need more storage I can buy an extra HD, they are in sizes up to 250 GB now. And much cheaper than memory cards, I think a 250 GB 2,5´HD costs around 60£ here in Sweden. About the price of a 8 GB compact flash card.

So´I´ll upload a bunch of pic´s in PBase in a while.
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