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Mar. 27th, 2008

 Man, i love to go to the Cambridge Folk Festival this year - see the line up!  www.cambridgefolkfestival.com

k.d. lang   Joan Armatrading   Levellers   The Imagined Village   Billy Bragg   John Hiatt
Judy Collins   Allen Toussaint   Seth Lakeman   Eric Bibb   Eliza Carthy   Martha Wainwright
The Waifs   Altan   Peatbog Faeries   Tim O’Brien   Karine Polwart   Michael McGoldrick Band
Laura Marling   Bassekou Kouyate & Ngoni Ba   Tunng   Kíla   Devon Sproule   Chris Wood   Cherryholmes   Brian McNeill   Mauvais Sort   Lisa Knapp   Hot 8 Brass Band   Beoga
Grupo Fantasma   Frank Turner   Whapweasel   Ross Ainslie & Jarlath Henderson   Elizabeth Cook
The Chair   3 Daft Monkeys   Noah & The Whale   Jeana Leslie & Siobhan Miller   6 Day Riot Kidsamonium   Findlay Napier & The Bar Room Mountaineers   Megson   The Shivers 

K. D. FRICKIN' LANG!!  love the woman...  But... it's grass and park land, three stages and not  very wheel-chair friendly, though they are really trying their best and have some pretty good facilities.  It's going to be HUGE...
And seeing as it's in July, i'll still be waiting for the knee op and will need to sit.  The logistics of trying to get myself and a wheelchair out there & back - over even three days [the Festival is 4 days] - make's my heart quail... And if i book in person, it would still cost me about £75 minimum.   i'll still be paying off the credit card from April/May!

i'm still concentrating on getting myself sorted over Sunday at Collectormania13 and James singing at the Party!  We have the Sunday night option at the Hotel...  won't know till JMLive get off their asses and let us know the dates - and Susie gets her schedule worked out [she's got an extremely busy week].  i hate that waiting shit...
later, babes


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Mar. 28th, 2008 08:24 am (UTC)
The Folk Festival sounds great ! I attended Reading Rock Festival once as a V.I.P and have to say , it was manic. I can't even imagine trying to attend one using a wheelchair , it was bad enough on foot and being a 'special guest'. I even had my foot stood on by Meatloaf himself ( Didn't know it was him and consequently hit the guy before he turned around and laughed at my size and bought me a drink after saying he though the ground was lumpy) . If you decide to go, take your stick too and poke it up peoples asses, they'll soon move babe!
I got myself and my daughter tickets for the Sunday night party, so looking forward to it! Great to know that you'll be there too.
Take care pet
Lise xx
Mar. 28th, 2008 02:49 pm (UTC)
i would love to go but don't think it's do-able sadly.

What days are you coming to CM13 then? i'll be there from Friday night and with this latest, it looks as though, i'll be there Sunday night too now. Some of the girls have asked if we are having a dinner again like last time, which would probably be Saturday night. You interested, petal?
We went to the Silk Road last time - a one-price buffet and pretty good too. We could do worse than go there again...
Mar. 28th, 2008 03:16 pm (UTC)
I wish I could make it , but I'm sure the grumpy git I married would raise a brow and shake his head . I might try the pout and flutter of eye lashes and see so let me know if you do organize something. I am attending C13 all Sunday including the party ,I'll have Jade with me and she's excited at finally getting to hear James live. She hates that being 11,it means she can't attend his concerts etc , bless her.
I still have to find out train times etc for the events in London, god I'm so bad at getting sorted , on the plus side I guess it keeps hubby on his toes *wink*. Have you received your row number for The Rift yet? Also, are the photo's included in the ticket price? Nothing on the site and they aren't listed under the ticket entitlement list. I wish they would put a link where you could purchase them rather than the mad rush for them that I suspect will happen on the day.
Hair cutting time next week ready for it all, already getting outfits sorted though, have new mac which hubby laughed at and said it resembled a flasher mac, cheeky git! Said I'm wearing sod all under it when I wear it and that he won't benefit from the flash, soon wiped his smirk off his face !
Two tops got , just need the jeans/ trousers. Knowing how cold MK was last year I'm not sure which I'll go for.I just hope it's warmer this time.
I hope you are going to bring your chair , long day pet and your knee... just worried about you x .
Take care xx
Lise x
Mar. 28th, 2008 04:30 pm (UTC)
*waves at Grumpy Git*
Apparently we won't know the row we're in till we get there... but we are 072 & 073, so probably four?
No, photos will be extra - JML just frickin' slow at getting them online... They SHOULD sell them pre-event or there will be horrendous queues! i'm guessing, they will but i've been wrong before. At least at the Point they were included but had to pay for anything extra. We have to buy Eve & Alan's autos extra...
So i get to meet Jade...cool...
i'll be booking one of the Shopmobility scooters a couple of weeks before CM13; i'm familiar with this place. Couldn't do a couple of days without one. Hope you are coming by car to MK as the bus/trains are RIDICULOUS...
Looking forward to seeing you!
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