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Well, it's Thursday

i have four days off work and it sunshines and is warm for three of them - today when i need to go get my prescription and my haircut, it rains. Swell.
i did get sick on Saturday last, temperature shot up and i had the bone chills & shivers, not nice - pretty much stayed in bed on Sunday and barely moved until dinner time...
But it hasn't been bad. i get to go to bed when i want, sleep late get up when i want and just kick back - don't want to do it, don't do it. i have had long chats with Carolyn in Brisbane and caught up with all her goss [she has her 40th birthday coming up this July, can't be], had good news from Char [and a photo! with a huge grin on her face, priceless], brief contacts with Irish but positive ones [i'm real glad you are feeling better but still wicked busy, poor pet], not so happy news from Vicki [who has now decided to divorce her long estranged husband, after the holiday from hell] and no news at all from Mark... i must send him an email and find out how he's doing....
i had a long and protracted tussle with a local company trying to send a Spike standup to Alaska - yes, they post overseas, just not standups [f--king would be!!] - o-kay, send it to me on the invoice address - "we don't post overseas" - FINE, send it to me - "we don't post overseas" - what?!! since when was North Yorkshire sodding overseas! - "i'll need your order # to find that" - FINE! i'll ring back - "No Madam, i don't need the order # to find your order [!!!!!!!!], yes, we will send it to you but it is out of stock at the moment and you may not get it till the end of the month - probably" - FOR GODSAKE!!

So i sent off mine and will wait for the new one to turn up eventually! Mind you, sending it was a nightmare - took a taxi up to the Post Office as it is over 2m square and therein lay the problem. Our prissy little National Postage system won't take parcels over a certain size [airmail restrictions], so the PO employee comes out from behind her counter to measure it! Calamity! it is four inches too long and no, they won't send it!!
Forget every other piece of mail is ruled by weight! [it is only just over 2kgs, for godsake!]
*but it came by mail from overseas* - "oh" - *do you have any tape and i will fold over the top bit?* - "i'm sure the shop has some" - girl next to her sees look on my face and gives my little twerp a roll of tape for me - *thank you*
i spend ten minutes folding down the top bit of cardboard and smothering it in tape - next how do we weigh it? she takes it somewhere behind the counter while i start filling out a form to go with it - she eventually reappears and check the price - it can go by airmail for £26.55 or by a courier service for £44.00 [does she think i am related to the Rockerfellers?!] - do you think she managed to gather i wanted it to go airmail with all those AIRMAIL stickers on it?! Bloody Hell!
i hang onto my sanity and smile, *Airmail, please* - see, i can be nice.... i hand over my card [we have finally entered the 20th century and have card facilities now - in the last year!], sign the chit *thank you for all your help* i say with a totally insincere smile and hop it before anything else happens! Can you believe it? i could barely and i was there!

So i spent yesterday having a 'domestic' [clean&tidy day] - put stuff away and dust, hoover and [got washing done on Monday night - we share a washing machine with Housekeeping and can only use it at night] - partially tidied up my desk, but i need to sort out the unit under the VDU as it is truly falling apart and maybe i can glue it back together?

i finally managed to book my trainfare to London in May, when i go down to see Ghost of the Robot on the 14th and the Audience with James on 15th. we have been booked forever and have our tickets, me, Susie & Ariane for the gig and the Audience, booked the Hotel, got directions & map - but had to wait on our glorious British Rail system.. what twats!
i booked online thru thetrainline.com and had got my times all sorted and everything, when i accidentally knocked myself off the site - went back on and found i couldn't rebook the return time i wanted on the Sunday. It had sold out in the time it took me to reconnect... i rang the office and got a hide-bound surly chick who was a real idiot, disconnected and returned to the site and booked a later time for the same cheap off-peak fare £31.00 return - do you know the standard ordinary fare is just over £70.00?!! - ok, i have to go on the times i pick and none other [unless the trains screw up and i miss my connections, then they have to put me on the next one] but as i pick the time, what's the problem? You need to have a watch and be careful - don't you always?
So now i am all set for May... it's only 2 months, guys! WOO-HOO!!!!!!!!!!!
i have promised to write a detailed report on that happening and also on the SuperSlayer Convention in Oakland, San Francisco on 27th August. we have our tickets & airfares booked, hotels sorted and booked too, bought a photo op with James and have another included in the ticket - the bought one is for Char & me to have a James Sandwich... love that!We're going for a week to play tourist and do a little shopping too.. that should be FUN!
other photo ops have started to appear now but will have to wait a bit before i can do anything about those - still paying for the ticket/airfares - but i'd like one with Alexis, Jimmy & Andy? we'll see how much it will cost me..

ok that's it for now - must get ready to go out now
Have a great weekend, luvs!