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Unusual Hotels

 i saw an article in the Times last Saturday, which tickled me and i'd thought i'd share it.  Not all of it but just about a couple of the more unusual Hotels you can stay in.

First, Harlingen Harbour Crane, Netherlands  www.vuurtoren-harlingen.nl 
"As far as weird places to stay goes, just two of you, 17m (56ft) above the ground in a fully functioning crane in Holland is right up there.  Literally.  Thankfully the original ladders have been replaced by lifts and in the cabin there's a double bed, chair, shower and minibar.  And when you want to be master of your own sightseeing, push the lever and swing her round 360 degrees for a view with a room."   B&B for two from £245

The second one is that floating shed, you can see on the right above.
Utter Inn, Vasteras, Sweden - www.vasterasmalarstaden.se   
"Tethered out in the middle of Lake Malaren near the town of Vasteras (which Ryanair passes off as Stockholm, although it's some 90km sway) this small floating garden-shed lookalike accommodates two people.  Underwater windows allow you to eyeball passing fish.  It's the brainchild of Mikael Genberg, a local artist who has also created a treehouse hotel near by, the Woodpecker.  Evening meals are delivered by boat, along with a lovely picnic breakfast for the morning."   From £190 for two, including breakfast.

Blimey, hope it doesn't sink in rough weather!   And you don't get seasick just looking at it!!

Other weird and wonderful places include, Hotel Everland, Paris - www.everland.ch from £256 for two;  Park Hotel, Linz, Austria - www.dasparkhotel.net , no prices given - this is actually a DRAIN!;  Rua Reidh Lighthouse, Gairlock, Scotland - www.ruareidh.co.uk Room only doubles from £32 and to rent the whole lighthouse is from £600 for two nights;  and lastly, the Jules' Undersea Lodge, Key Largo, Florida - www.jul.com Doubles from £375, including dinner.    Best places to stay UP A TREE!  www.timesonline.co.uk/treehousehotels !!



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Apr. 5th, 2008 01:59 pm (UTC)
This is simply fascinating! How some people can turn something so odd into a hotel room. I can see the attraction the crane would hold, the views must be amazing, the shed on the lake, kookie but I can get that. But the drain??? ewwww!
The lighthouse I thought sounded romantic and not badly priced.I bet some of these are fully booked just for the novelty of it. Still can't see the drain one being booked at all but.....
Lise xx
Apr. 5th, 2008 04:38 pm (UTC)
Isn't it though?? The drain pieces have been lifted out and set on the surface as far as i can see, so essentially you'd be staying in a big pipe! Very odd, yeah...
Need strong legs for lighthouses, all those steps!!
Can you imagine the views though and on the crane - need a head for heights... LOL
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