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Emails to James Marsters Live

i sent a couple of emails to JMLive as i had some questions after the latest message update came out - i got such speedy replies, i'm impressed!  

my email [edited] about CM13: 

> Showmasters have announced James will be there Sat/Sun/Mon - can you now confirm that?
> Photo Ops for Sat/Sun on sale but i note there are none for Monday.  i presume this means that James  
> will only be doing autographs on Monday?
> They are also selling the Sunday night Party tickets, with James singing 'a few songs' to open the party.   Can you confirm this too please, as many people have extended their hotel bookings to attend this event now?
> Thanks a lot

"It's our understanding that James will do a couple of opening songs on the Sunday evening, and we're not aware of any photos on the Monday, but we are checking the latter."


and the second [edited]:

> Thank you for the latest update on the Rift information.  It's much appreciated.
> It does help us to know what sort of money we could be looking at -  even if it does mean we are queuing to buy photos & autographs etc;  hopefully at the same time and not separate lines, yes?
> May we know how many people the Rift is going to hold?  This would  give an idea of what sort of times we'll be looking at.  
> Are we going to have to depart the premises in-between the end of  the Rift activities and James' concert?  

"We're expecting there to be a bit of a break between daytime and evening, but not to clear the Hall as people may want to bring food in, use the bar, etc.  We're also planning to minimise queuing as much as possible, although the good news is that even in a queue you'll be able to hear (and even participate in) any onstage Q&As going on  simultaneously."


So, for CM13, 'a few songs' is reduced to 'a couple' [shades of Tony Head here] but i guess that is confirmation enough and that he will be there on Monday, in whatever capacity - which is all i wanted.

For the 'Rift' - i note they won't say how many will be there [on paper at least] and no mention of how many times we may have to queue but as they say, we are going to be able to hear what is going on, even when queuing, that will have to do.   And the photo ops are going to have to be 30 second wonders again, to get us all in...  Wonder if they will limit those - i forgot to ask.  i guess they would have said if they were going to.

At least we are not going to have to line up again outside - like the Point!! - and will have somewhere to eat, if we wish, and use the loo!  Not to be underestimated.

Interesting that the latest wrinkle - the '10 to 1 Meet & Greet'  - is limited to one ticket per attendee, per guest.  Which if there are about what?  350-400 of us? is fair enough.  This Hall is pretty big.   Then if you win a place in the 10, you pay your £25 for your joint 20 minutes... damn, that's not long.  Not even half an hour...  By the time you get seated, clutching your drink [if you have one] and smile at James/Eve/Gareth, precious time has ticked away.   You're not going to get much of any discussion in that time...  Two or three questions and that'll be it.  i'll pay that for James but can't see me spending that sort of money on Eve or Gareth [a tenner to meet Eve maybe]; sorry, guys...  i'll leave that for their fans.  When Gareth sign my photo at the Point, he wasn't exactly chatty and really gave the impression he'd rather be somewhere else...  Guess that's what happens if you aren't young and pretty, huh?

Mind you, i once paid a ridiculous amount to be one of 25 to meet James, only to wind up with about 7 of us crammed around the last table for about 15 minutes, while he personalised photos for us [very badly managed, but hey, it was Vulkon - most of it was badly done] - the earlier tables had less people round them and had more time with him;  the last two had to squash in together.  Really pissed me off....royally! 

Just under two weeks now...  12 days...  *Please, don't injure your sweet self again, back at 'Smallville' - we want you in one piece!*   i live in fear of him doing something else to himself now!  Especially after tales of him flinging himself off high places, doing his own stunts - gad, i hope that isn't true - but knowing James, it probably is...  *sighs*
Have you seen darling Mad Brilliant's picture of James in the Hawaiian shirt??  Too eyecatching for words!  Not sure i like it much, but at least the t-shirt matched!  What is this about men wearing shirts over t-shirts?  Was he cold??
Can't think of any other reason to do that.   But with James, it's probably to stop us ogling his rear end... *snorts* as he doesn't tuck them in and leaves them flapping most of the time.  It's the first time for a LONG time, he hasn't worn jeans that bag around his butt, like he was wearing his big brother's cast-offs...  He looked much better and smarter on Saturday but i see he went back to the jeans yesterday.  They don't look as baggy as the last ones...  i mean, you have to smile when he takes a step up to the mike and his jeans follow one step behind...  Casual is one thing and you don't wear your Armani suit for a Q&A but really, it's about time he smartened up a bit.

And don't even think about bringing that shirt over here!!!

later, guys...