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Collectormania Tickets came this morning!

My Personality
Openness to Experience
You do not feel nervous in social situations, and have a good impression of what others think of you, however you very rarely feel depressed and are usually in a good frame of mind. You lead a moderately paced life. You like some energetic activities, but also like to relax and take it easy. Generally you are not considered to be an emotional person, however you are aware of and in touch with your emotions. You do not like to claim that you are better than other people, and generally shy from talking yourself up, however you generally see others as selfish, devious, and sometimes potentially dangerous. You are well-organized and like to live according to routines and schedules. Often you will keep lists and make plans.

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The best Buying Pet Gifts.

Borrowed from KazzyCee.

Now isn't that interesting....  it is true i rarely take anyone on trust from the go-get but i do like people really.  Most people can be selfish & devious but rarely dangerous.   It isn't true that i like routines & schedules but we can rarely avoid them, unless we have a lot of MONEY...   i couldn't give a stiff shit what people think of me in general but i care a lot about what my friends think of me, that's the difference.

Try it and see what you think it makes of you...  i must try some of their other ones.

Behavioral Approach
Behavioral Inhibition
You have medium drive motives, however you have high fun seeking motives.

What ever that means...

Cold wind again today.   Good post this morning - the first of my Collectormania 13 tickets arrived!!  YAY!  *does nifty samba*  Three separate envelopes and posted 1st Class only, not Recorded Delivery.  i did tell Jola i preferred them that way, 'cos my post is awkward - be interesting to see if they rest come that way...  She may be on a hiding to happen, if they do, as we all paid for RD at £2 a pop [they've made £5 profit on my postage so far] - see what i mean?  i really don't care, it's worth avoiding the aggro for me, but they could have some angry patrons... 
They were the James photo ops for Saturday & Sunday and the Sunday Party tickets.  Still have John Barrowman's and a friend's to come [she's overseas, so sending them to me to avoid missing out].  What is interesting, the Sunday James ones are from different time periods - i ordered an extra when Michael Rosenbaum canceled - and yes, they are colour coded again, like GMEX.   i have blues & a green.  Mind you, if they do like last time, you get all of them done at once, you don't have to queue up again. 
If James doesn't do photo ops on Monday, i won't have to hang about waiting for them, before i can go home this time.  Wonder if it will be Mushface Malcolm again?  Well, as long as he doesn't try for the land-speed record again, we'll be right!  i have forgiven him for the first time we met and he cocked-up so badly.   i think he was just so nervous and freaked out by having so many people wanting James' photos...i may be wrong, of course but that's my take on it.   Also he didn't realise that there were photographers amongst the fans and thought he could get away with cheap & fast, i think.  He got hauled over the coals from the first day, when he over-exposed most of the rolls!  i shudder to think how many people complained [according to one staffer, a LOT].

It always make it more 'real' somehow, when you have the tickets in yer actual hand, all shiny and pretty!  Don't you think?  There are no James photos on the Party tickets; it's a blurred audience-looking-towards-the-stage shot.  *pets James' photo op tickets; they do!*   Wonder if can get to keep one...

i'll have to think up some new photo poses...  Ginger says people were taking in pictures of the poses they wanted, at Grand Slam [LOVE yours, babe!] - which is a good idea, if you can find one...  and i loved the 'Punch' one that Jean got, very Fight Club!  i might go for that one myself...   i have an idea for a couple of consequtive ones - i'll show you if we can pull it off...  i know James is pretty much up for anything - baring me biting his bum!!  
You can only have so many side by side, smiling ones before it gets boring.  Oh don't get me wrong, it's never boring standing near or next to James! but you can get to think, 'i wish we'd done something different' sometimes.  When it gets to remembering which one it was, for which event, by the t-shirt James wore and your outfit combination, it's time to do something more unusual!    My favourites are James doing the three Wise Monkies for Ravenu.   And the one Sue got for me from the QM, of James blowing me a kiss, 'cos i wasn't there - one of the many reasons i love this woman...

It was pretty damn chilly when i went out this morning and if it is like this next week, i'm definitely taking my woolly coat.  It's a full length job and beautifully patterned;  i wore it in Venice in February, a few years ago [VERY cold winds off the water] and was toasty...   Those railway platforms can get hellova windy and cold, especially at night.  i'll be up betimes on Saturday morning to go down to London and it will be around one am when i get back into town.  i'll have to grab a cab from the station, as the buses will have stopped running by then.  
But! My new bus pass arrived today!!  Calloo callay!  i will be able to travel back from Milton Keynes for FREE! *claps hands in delight*  Great, innit??  i'll only have the cab fare from town to find, if i get back late, but i should be back long before they stop running.  *Touches wood/head to make sure and grins inanely*

i popped down to my local & excellent butcher on my way home;  it's the only one i know that has a queue outside the door, waiting to go in!  They are that good...  i can buy skirt steak there [when they have it] and stock up when they do.  Also they make their own sausages on a 20lb/2lb meat/rusk ratio, so very healthy too.  They have lots of different flavours and i bought pork & mushroom, porter beef [made with ale] and some nice looking pork chippolatas today.  They have ones flavoured with honey, which i'm sure are yummy but i can't eat those until i reach goal weight.
You have no idea how much i crave a good, sweet, crisp Fuji apple!  Much more than cake or chocolate, strangely enough.  i miss my fruit - and i'd kill for some fried rice...
i'm drinking some Rooibos tea at the moment;  it's a naturally caffeine-free tea and the only one i know of that actually improves with brewing - i'm the queen of weak tea usually;  wave the teabag over the cup!  Susie & i often share a tea bag, when i'm there.   i prefer it straight, [hate soya milk in tea or coffee, it has a nasty habit of curdling in hot liquid] but i do have a level teaspoon of Splenda in it, as i don't care for bitter tea.

Dunno what has happened to my sleeping habits of late.  i was sitting composing a Tesco order last night and suddenly realised, it was 2am!  i got into bed and read until i felt sleepy around 3am but i had to be down at 46 for 11am this morning, so i was up about 8.30-8.45am.  i feel fine at the moment;  it's 4.40pm now and as you can see above, have been out and about.   i may fall alseep after dinner though...  LOL wouldn't be the first time!

i can't believe it's the 'Rift' in a week!  All that waiting and it's so close now.  Have a couple of things still to organise;  need to book my buggy for CM13 with Shobmobility on Monday.  Decided i don't need a haircut before i go;  i can wait for a few weeks more.   Top-up my Oyster card on Wednesday [you have to go through a turnstile to put it on the card, within a week, which is why i couldn't do it before] ;  take my prescription in before Friday for the following week and so on.
Talking of taking the Tube - why isn't JMLive telling people that the Royal Oak station is the closest to Porchester Hall?  The Hall site says Bayswater [which is further away than Paddington!] and Queensway [which is even further, south of Bayswater!], but never mentions Royal Oak, which is SO much closer...  what is wrong with going there??  It's a viable stop, on the Hammersmith & City line, and an easy walk, even for me...  *is confused*
Well, i'll find out, i guess.
Enjoy your weekend, my lovelies!