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Pics of my parents

i was asked which of my parents i look like recently and i think i look like an amalgam of both.  Some disagree and say i look like my Dad but some think my Ma, so there you are...  You make your own mind up.  :D  This is 1966, guys, and i was just turned 18; not wearing my glasses for this [Captain's Cocktail Party on our last ship out of Aden].  Dad was 6'1" in his stocking feet and Ma was 5'4".   The cheesy grin from Dad is to display the new bridgework he'd just had done!  But he hated it and never wore it after that...   Wish my hair had stayed surfer blonde, but it got darker out of the tropics...

i've added a couple of later ones of Dad;  the coloured one is about the last one i have of him, so he'd be about 68/69?  The other one is him in police uniform and he was a Senior Superintendant before you ask.   Oh look, he's wearing his medal ribbons - makes those US army films look ridiculous, doesn't it?  Even their Captains wear a chestful.  i always wonder what the hell they are all for...  i mean Dad's include the theatre of war medals, like the North Africa Star and so on, as well as his Military Medal.   *is proud*    He went to Buck House and the King gave it to him...


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Apr. 19th, 2008 07:12 pm (UTC)
Hi, Jill

I´d say now a days you look like your mum did then, but it might just be the glasses...

There aren´t many photos of me as a kid, guess it´s because I´m nr.7/9 ;O) My parents didn´t have time to snap photos of us with so many kids! Or I was too wild to catch with a camera. There are plenty of the 2 oldest siblings.

I´ll go through all the old photoalbums this summer wwhen I visit my parents and scan/snap photos of pictures of me. I know there are at least 3. I´m around 4-5 years old on the oldest one.
Today kids get photographed already in the womb, with those new 3D ultrasounds.

This time next week we´ll be at the concert at The Rift!!!! YEY!
Apr. 19th, 2008 10:16 pm (UTC)
Yeah, baby!! i'll be on my way back to Kings Cross to catch the train home, 11.15pm, this time next week... Ears ringing, big silly smile on my face and clutching photos & goodies in my hot little hand, with any luck!

Funny, my dad took photos all the time, of us, Ma and whatever took his fancy. Lots of pics in albums, then he took ones that he had developed into slides. i still have some of them.

i'd like to see what you looked like as a youngster; have you changed much? i know i have but the bone strucure doesn't change much after your teens, just skin & in my case, fat!

See you next week, sweets
Apr. 20th, 2008 02:26 pm (UTC)
Looking at the photo here, I'd say that you are more like your Mum now, but in the photo I can see some resemblance to your Father. Funny how we can alter so much genetically over time, (If that is the right explanation), by taking on more of one parents looks than the other. Jade is a spitting image of me, as you'll see, even down to her temperament and sense of humour.I never knew my Dad, he divorced my Mum before I was born, but I don't look like my Mum at all, I can only assume I look like him although my Nan told me that I looked more like her grandmother who was a red head and French. My cousin has a very unique problem, I'll explain... she had two children , one by a Jamaican and one by an Indian, both children are Caucasian in colouring, but when they both have children then they could have children that have coloured skin. Hard to explain if her children marry a Caucasian man...
Apr. 21st, 2008 08:45 am (UTC)
Yes, it's odd, isn't it? My sister doesn't look like either *i always said she was a changeling!*
i'll put up another of my Dad, 'cos i think i look like him mostly. i know a lot of my speech patterns and the way i move are like him, a lot more than Ma and i have his temprement - slow to anger but oh baby, watch out when i get riled! i have a truly murderous temper that harks back to my Viking ancestors' berserker rages. Good thing is, i haven't really lost my temper since 1969! Can't afford to.
i can't wait to meet Jade [lovely name]. i know what you mean about mixed race marriages, i have seen a lot of them over the years. i haven't anything against them, i mean it's their choice, but if you have a partner of colour, you do run the risk of throwing back to darker colours, sometimes 3 or 4 generations down the line. This isn't a problem nowadays but who knows what future generations will be like?
You like to think that tolerance grows but it's like most human traits, it fluctuates with each new society. We have stopped persecuting Jews, for now at least! But the Germans have being doing it for centuries and it can be a hard habit to break. So much easier to have someone to blame for society's woes.
On the happier side! 5 DAYS TO THE RIFT!!
Apr. 21st, 2008 09:00 am (UTC)
I know and can't wait! I was only saying to my husband on Saturday that I was going to sort out a few things before the event and he frowned and laughed before telling me that it was next weekend. My mouth dropped, for some reason, I thought it was two weeks away. I have finally decided to drive to my Nans and get the train from there, only £5.80 into London from her house and it's only a tenner in petrol from my house to hers , so a lot cheaper than getting the train from my Reading or driving into London. Sorted . I'll do the same for the Borderline event as well. Hair cut on Wednesday ....

Only thing I do wonder about is how much do I bring. Now they have added the put your name on the prize draw and hope to win a one on one session with James, well more like one on ten but hey, and £25 quid for the pleasure. I'm working out that I'll need £160 roughly. On top of the cost of getting to London and the £80 ticket , plus the Borderline and the £130 I have already paid out for the C13 event ,It's rather an expensive hobby I have. :p
Apr. 21st, 2008 03:20 pm (UTC)
i know what you mean, it has taken a while getting here and i have to pinch myself to realise it's THIS SATURDAY!!

i rang up and booked my scooter for CM13 this morning. *happy sigh* Sorted.
Don't want to think about how much money i'm going to go through... i have some cash i have been setting aside, just have to hope it's enough. £20 each photo at the Rift - doubt i'll need to worry about £25 for James, i never win anything. Dunno if Himber will bring new photos to sell but i already have a couple of the CDs, don't need another.
But i have already bought my train tickets for the whole week, got the tickets paid for, of course, that only really leaves some food money before i hit CM13. THAT will be the money pit... Thank heavens, i have pre-paid for the photo ops. But there will be several autographs i'd like, apart from James... i usually wind up seeing him every day... And i need to ear; it all mounts up, don't it???
Worth it though, babe!

p.s. i put a couple more pics of Dad up so you can see a little better what he looks like.
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