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Monday 21st April

Wow, only 5 days to go to the Rift....  tempis fugit indeed...  i know i've probably spelled it wrong but i didn't do Latin.

My tickets for James' photo ops & the CM13 Party came on Saturday, first class post.  Hooray!  The log-jam has broken at last!  Mind you, i've still got Bruce Boxleitner & John Barrowman's photo ops to come - and Ginger's too.  Hopefully, all will come this week.  Fingers crossed.
It's been a multi-tasking day today and i've actually got a lot done.  First on the agenda was to ring Shopmobility in Milton Keynes and book a scooter for CM13.  Yes, all fine, Saturday to Monday - no problem, done.   
My new batteries for my camera finally arrived today, hooray again!   This is great actually as the official Fuji battery is about £50 - yes, you read it right - and i was looking online for a new SmartMedia card with bigger capacity, when i saw that MemoryBits was selling what looked like MY batteries - but for £10.69 each!  You could have knocked me over with a feather...  i sent off for two immediately.  Yes, i did get a new photo card too but not a lot cheaper on that one.  i can't buy the 1gig or 2gig cards for mine, they just don't make them.  Biggest i can buy is 128mb, which gives me around 370 pictures on normal size.  i already have a 64mb, 32mb and a little one they gave me for free when i bought the camera.  Gad, seems like bloody ages ago...  it is bloody ages ago!  Must be about seven years ago now.   So much has advanced since then and for the money i paid for my Fuji then, would buy quite a nice upgraded one now, with a lot more lights & whistles!
Put the first one in to charge and there's a nicky knocky at the door - i had a Tesco order due in 10-12pm - he arrived bang on 10am.  New driver, a bit of a clutz but it was ok.   i had actually just put the first load of washing in and was about to start cleaning the house.   i paused only long enough to put the order away and pop the shoulder of lamb into the oven.  i browned it as much as i could on the stove top first, added several whole unpeeled cloves of garlic, some rosemary and garlic salt and about a pint of water, covered with foil and left it simmering at 160C for about three hours.  Fell apart nicely... 
So lamb in, washing in...  Set to and cleaned all the work surfaces & kitchen table, swept & then washed the floors from the front door right through to the back of the house.  i turned the sound up and played James' 'Like a Waterfall', when i was near enough to hear through my open door.   Nice...  i like to do physical work to music, goes faster.
Had lunch when i'd washed myself into my room and checked over my emails, while i ate.   
Put in second load of washing, then i made some mayonnaise & mint sauce - dropped oil on my floor! rats!!  too ages to clean it up - picked the lamb apart, taking off most of the fat & so on and then had a rest, while scanning in some pictures of James from the latest 'Torchwood' magazine...   Yay me...  

So i'm feeling quite good that i've had a good domestic day, with a couple of important bits now sorted. Though i'll be much happier when the rest of the CM13 tickets turn up...
Still to come, must get clothes sorted for Rift, concerts & CM13 - must dye my eybrows [they vanish into thin air, if i don't].  It like having almost baby-fine hair is good but it's a bugger to style.   I'm not surprised i'm keeping my hair colour well, as i take after Dad and he didn't even start to go grey until he was over 50.  My hair is getting peppered at the front now, catching up with my white streak at last!  i used to get my hair streaked, so it wasn't really visible and it is only now i have stopped streaking it, you can actually see it.   i need to outlive Dad [69] now, then i'll aim for Ma [73], then my grandparents [84] - then i plan on living forever!

i finished listening to 'Small Favor' - glorious, velvet tones of James to drown in - first time i have listened to the audio book before i read the book.  Usually have to wait for the audio to come out later...  now i will read it and listen to James again as i do so...  *happy sigh*

If i get the Rent Service sorted and maybe re-apply for the Discretionary Housing again, i will be a happy bunny... for a change!


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Apr. 21st, 2008 09:37 pm (UTC)
*bounces* It's almost time.

My fingers are crossed that all our tickets arrive.

See you soon!!!!
Apr. 21st, 2008 10:54 pm (UTC)
Amen to that, darlin', i've got everything crossed... *that's probably why i keep fallin' over* :D
4 frickin days!! i'm going to be like the proverbial cat on a hot tin roof by Friday!

Hmmm, i've got a scratchy throat... *takes asprin & hot drink*

Take care, petal!
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