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John Barrowman tickets

Some of my John Barrowman photo op tickets arrived this morning; which is a bit odd as i ordered more.   i put in three orders, one for me and one each for Lise & Sue - so their's are here now - so where is mine?  The two solo orders were bought after mine but they had a problem with my card, which we sorted, but i guess that makes it officially behind the others...  *oh dear, this is getting complicated*   i'm also waiting on one for Bruce Boxleitner and all of Ginger's.
i thought they were coming out in the order that they were bought but that's not strictly true either!  i bought some James' tickets first - natch! - then added another when Michael Rosenbaum was cancelled [refund in 2-3 weeks].   They all came together, along with the Party tickets i bought second to last!  Bruce's was ordered just after the first James ones, so no logic there either!
i really don't care what order they come in, as long as they all come - before the 2nd May!

i'm going to go snooze now, i'm exhausted...  i have a nasty cold and i'm not sleeping well - no snuggles with James [or anyone!] on Saturday...  *cries*    Wouldn't you know it?  The one thing i can't really control...    i should have recovered enough to be disease free by CM13, so will be looking for close up & personal then...  *sighs*

Take care and i will see you all on Saturday, all being well...  *fingers firmly crossed* 

p.s.  the 'distressed' bit is for the cold, not the tickets!


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(Deleted comment)
Apr. 24th, 2008 02:12 pm (UTC)
Hi Lara

i'm sorry if you felt that i was criticising Jola, i really wasn't. i know she is doing her best under difficult circs. Just puzzling over the odd way they are coming out is all.
We had quite a long chat when i spoke to her and she sounds a nice person. Horrifying that Showmasters expect her to deal with all of the tickets on her own, especially as she has been trying to get the orders out as early as possible. It's they who were dragging their feet, not her.
See you in Milton Keynes?
Apr. 24th, 2008 02:04 pm (UTC)
I only have my James ones for Sat so far. I'm still waiting on party ticket, James for Sunday, John Barrowman and Bruce Boxleitner (you're a fan..? remind me to tell you the stories from the last time I saw him! lol). I'm sure they'll all turn up just fine.

And what is this nonsense about no hugs... we'll just have to find some sort of barrier method. *wink* Hope you feel better soon. See you Saturday!

Apr. 24th, 2008 02:26 pm (UTC)
Hey, sweetie!

Did you order all yours at the same time? i know the Party ones & JB's would have been later, as they weren't released at the same time.

Yes, been a Bruce fan for many, many years. He's not the best actor i've ever seen but always turns in an entertaining performance and is eminently watchable.
First time i saw him was in 'The McCains' with my all time Western favourite, James Arness. And wasn't he a dish?? Traditionally tall, dark and handsome... We must have a natter about him for sure!
You have one strange icon there, girlie! But i like it fine... *wonder what that says about me??* LOL
i'm glad you are going to be at CM13 too - do you want to come and have dinner with me & the girls Saturday night? We'll probably go back to the 'Silk Road' again - have you been? We had a blast last time!
See you Saturday!
Apr. 24th, 2008 06:31 pm (UTC)
Got my tickets this Monday, I was a bit nervous not to get them before I leave ( that´s tomorrow morning!)

I have all tickets I need, except the bus-ticket from London to MK on Sunday morning. National Express buses were sold out, and this Virgin Train don´t sell to people outside UK... What the f...c?And none of the other Trainservices either, tried them all. ARGH!!

Have to fix it the first thing in London. Well, after getting my CD with the Cardiff-pics to Snappy Snaps. Hope to get them before closing time tomorrow, so I can fix the album in the evening and get James´autograph on it on Saturday.

And if someone wants copies I can make more ´till the next concert, like last spring. Should be OK, I don´t make any money from it! If I can´t get the pics ´till Saturday, I´ll fix it ´till Collectormania.

We´re bathing cats here,OR Birgitta is, I´m the "fluffer" = dry them, not the other kind of fluffing...
I´m waiting to blow-dry the second one now. He is behaving BAD in the bathroom, I guess, by the cursing I hear ;O)

Then I only have to pack my gear and I´m ready to fly. Has been some busy days here, but I have everything in order now, I hope...

Sorry to hear about your cold, hope it gets better soon. I´ll wave to you from the other side of the hall on Saturday! I have avoided colds this winter and hope it don´t catch anything on the flight to London. Don´t have time to be sick!

Molle the cat is clean now, have to work! See You!!

By the way,which one is the best choise for me in London,Oyster-card or Travelcard? I´m walking a lot and might only take the tube/bus a few times/day. 7 days Travelcard zone 1-6 is ~ 40-50 £, I´m not sure it gets cheaper than Oystercard, with that little travelling by bus/tube... Staying for 11 days, total.
Apr. 24th, 2008 10:36 pm (UTC)
I"m still sending wellness vibes your way. I guess the trip across the pond is taking those vibes awhile to reach you.

I'm still hoping my tickets arrive. I have fear that they will ship them to the US even though I specifically put your addy down as the shipping addy. Oh well, I have all my receipts.
Apr. 25th, 2008 10:42 am (UTC)


Sorry to hear that you have a cold , they're the worst , I hate them. Wish that there was a way to make you feel better. Maybe your belated christmas prezzie will help with that. And no hugs? I'm not scared off by germs hun.

I haven't received Jades John Barrowman photo ticket yet, but knowing that you have got two through , means that they won't be too far behind the others.

Take care and see you tomorrow morning xxxxx
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