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Union Chapel – Friday 2nd May, 2008


Day dawned bright and fine but boy, did that change in London!

I had a busy morning out & about, attending to RL and got back home in good time and caught the bus into town for the Station. 

Again I’d left plenty of time – you can actually wait for up to 25 minutes in the middle of the day sometimes, why I don’t know…but the buses seem to develop Noah’s Ark tendencies occasionally, which isn’t helpful!

Today, they were behaving themselves and I got there well in time; so much so, that like Wednesday, I got on an earlier train, also direct to Kings Cross [I love those!].   Changed lines to go up to Highbury but coming back was a doddle as it goes to Euston and I was leaving from there to go to Milton Keynes, after the gig.


Straight run in and no problem getting up to Highbury, all plain sailing.  It was cloudy when I got to Kings Cross but when I left Highbury tube station, it absolutely CHUCKED it down!   I paused long enough to dig out my folding umbrella and walked round to the traffic lights, from where the queue could be seen across the road.   I was going to Starbucks, only to find they were closed and being renovated!  So I back tracked to MacDonalds and as I did so, I saw Lene coming across the lights.  Great to see her again!  We got some lunch and drinks and found a table where I could see the queue easily.  We had a good natter and got caught up on what she’d been doing since Wednesday.   Poor girl was cold, wet and in need of a hot drink!

It worked out well for us, as I sat there [with periodic drinks] for about 3 hours and she could leave her bag & Ginger’s with me [both holding expensive cameras, that didn’t really need the rain!], while they alternated in the queue.

When Lene was warmed up and we’d caught up, she took Ginger’s place and Ginger came and had a break..   We had other ladies join the table and Inky, Angela & Lena took our table when I left to go walk the queue and see some people I hadn’t seen for a while – some of my F-list!  And that was nice.

*waves to MoonJamesKitten & KazzyCee*

Thank you, Sathy, for translating for me & Sylvie.  I usually manage to understand most of what she is saying but she does get very frustrated when we hit a wall!  I understand how she feels, as my French isn’t very good any more.  I just don’t get the opportunity to use it – and if the truth be told, I’m not very good anyway!

It was nice to see so many people I knew in the line, though I missed Sue an awful lot.  So weird going to see James without her!  Her hectic schedule just would not allow it, but she met me off the train in Milton Keynes.

Lene was my ‘carer’ for the night and she helped with my bag as I negotiated stairs and the like.  I’m not sure she could have managed my backpack!  It has been known to make strong men blanch…  Anyway, we made our way slowly up to the doors of the Chapel and clocked in with JMLive.

Ulla & her sister were there with us;  Ulla being the prize winner of the last photo competition JML ran and getting a front row seat was her prize.  I am delighted she did so, of course, for her and for purely selfish reasons, as her photos are so damn good!

Lisa was telling us they were having to clamp down on how many ‘carers’ were being allowed into the venue – and rightly so.  I have noted more than the normal ‘plus one’  riding the coattails of the disabled from time to time [nearly always the same ones] and it does need to stop.


You may remember last time at the Union Chapel, there were some heated comments about those that queued for long times, who felt they should get front row seats – meaning the centre section, of course, not just any old front row seats!  And I can sympathise with them.  Although I got in with the ‘walking wounded’, I didn’t get a front row seat last time either but I didn’t expect to – neither did I this time.   Lene and I didn’t really care as long as we were in the first few rows and to the side, for her best camera angle – and Ulla was on the same side for the same reason – Ginger was on the opposite side of the Chapel at the front, having been well placed in the queue - can’t wait to see all the photos!   *They’ve just started to come out now*

What JML were doing this time was halving the pews in the central section – one half for the disabled and the other for the front of the queue – so they got front row seats too.  Fair enough, I say, although it should have been explained before we got into the Chapel and not on-the-hoof as it were.


Talking of which, what were those absolutely useless security people supposed to be doing? Apart from talking to each other??  One young man put the wheelchair ramp down – and I stress the young and the male bit – then stood and watched while Nicky/Fangy Angel tried to get up the wheelchair ramp.  One of the carers tried to help her as she hadn’t brought anyone, but Nicky promptly got out of her chair and hobbled up, while the lady managed her chair.  ‘Male’ had long disappeared by then…


We got ourselves settled – Lene got the pozzie she wanted in the left wing  and I sat behind her in the 3rd row, so I could sit on the aisle.  Even though I was on the wrong side and had to let people in & out during the night, I was quite happy there and even managed a couple of reasonable pics – for me.  Lene has just posted some of her Borderline ones – bloody gorgeous, even in B&W…

Anyway, eventually the support act come on, one Ben Mark.  He played pretty well but not one of his songs was something you’d walk out humming… He has recorded a couple of CDs, he says.  Frankly, no offence to Mr Mark, but he was pretty forgettable. Reasonable looking guy but not my kind of eye candy.  It’s kinda like wanting to eat Chinese but having to settle for Italian, isn’t it?  I really wasn’t there for him.  He got a good reception, however, so he must have been to somebody’s taste; we are usually kind to support acts though.


Short break again before James and time to greet passers-by or go walkabout.  I took a brief gander up to the merchandise area at the back to see the man who was showing the Torchwood action? figures – figures anyway, about 5” tall and nicely detailed.  He had a Weevil, Ianto’s Cyberwoman girlfriend and Gwen.  And yes, Capt. Jack would come out same time as this first wave.
*Forbidden Planet have just emailed me - Weevil & Cyberwoman are being released separately on 30th August at £8.25 each*

What he didn’t say, was that this would be a SET, not sold individually.  This means that although they are a reasonable price each, about £8 if I remember right, I don’t want to be shelling out £32 for a Capt Jack.  Hope like hell the Capt John isn’t in a further set!  I guess we can ask for individual ones, see what response we get.   Capt John will be towards the end of the year, he seemed to think – they’ve only just got the go-ahead from the BBC.

No new photos of James [for me at least] and I already have two copies of ‘Like A Waterfall’, so I headed back to my pew, greeting a couple more folk on the way.

I finally got to take a couple of photos of Inky Jane’s Tree of Life tattoo as she stood up to have a look around and I urged Lene to take one too, hope it came out good…her photography is much better than mine.   Nice to see so many familiar faces there but lots of newbies and casuals too – James had them do a show of hands during the concert, commenting when he saw there were a lot of them, “God, I love Torchwood!”


Finally, Steve came on to announce James and he bounced out, looking good in a white tee-shirt and usual jeans and those white trainers he loves so much!   What did Americans wear before trainers were invented??  Loafers or just lace-ups? And boots, of course.  I had a Canadian friend in the 80’s who never wore anything else, just boots – Dodds.   Wonder what he’s doing now?  His name was Jack but I never called him that.


I digress!  James sang pretty much the same set list as Borderline, but his encores were Katie [several girlies in the balcony shouted for it], Chocolate Jesus, Picture in a Frame, All Apologies and to complete my delight, Baby Blues.   It was a damn good concert, in spite of James’ guitar playing being all over the fuckin’ place and he wavered on an early song on but pulled his concentration in tight and sang beautifully for the rest of the set.  His right arm/shoulder was bothering him quite a lot.  *And it got worse at Collectormania – I think it is damage from Dragonball*

The set list is already posted somewhere but I wasn’t too concerned with that.  I had to smile at the some of the JMLive crew standing off to the side, bopping away to the music and having as good a time as we were.

Love ‘Chocolate Jesus’…well, all of them really…

Just know that there weren’t any new songs, although he says he is in the process of writing one for Lisa, who runs JMLive;  that should be interesting!   *Whines*  I’m greedy, I want new songs, baby…and I want you to make another album – acoustic or whatever, I don’t mind – but record ‘Fall of Night’, ‘Dance Slow’ [which he hasn’t sung in an age], ‘Three’ [if he can] and the rest that he sings that he hasn’t recorded yet.  And if you can force yourself, do one of covers with all the above and add in ‘Fire’ and as many Nirvana songs as you like, you sing them like they were your own.

I know James loves the acoustics there but there are spots in the audience that aren’t that great.  Luckily that didn’t include where I was sitting and I had not only a great sound but a clear view of James all the way through.

But all too soon, it was over and waving and blowing kisses to the audience, he departed.  Good night for all, babe.

We let most of the audience out before we made a move and the stewards were starting to sheepdog us anyway.   Good night and good bye to those not going to Collectormania 13 and see you tomorrow to those that were.   Lene was one not coming but Ginger was and a lot of our spring swallows!

We walked up the road to the Tube, Ginger & I singing ‘Chocolate Jesus’ to the amusement of Lene and passers-by!  We didn’t care…we were just happy…  Rain had stopped – of course!

Bye, Lene, safe trip home!

Smooth trip in to Euston and up to the train station.  Was going to the loo, until I found it was closed and we had to trek down to Platform 18 to a temporary!!  Fergeddit!  Went and had a hot chocolate and the inside of a burger instead.  I kept an eye on the departures monitor and watched my 23.40 come up ‘delayed’ – uh-oh…  Turned out there was a fire on a freight train and they were working to get it out and off the line.

I suddenly saw Ro and she came over to pow-wow.  Nancy, Alona and some of the other girls were also there and wondering what to do.  ‘Don’t panic’, I said, ‘until they say Cancelled.’  And we settled down to wait and see.

They tried to get some of us on the Watford Junction train but there were too many and recalled us back to the main concourse – silly sods.  But eventually the news came through that the fire brigade had sorted it and the line was now clear.  We were given a platform and duly streamed down there.  I got sick of trying to find a carriage and just climbed onto a First Class, taking Ro with me.  No problem with that and it took us to Milton Keynes.

I was worried about Sue, who was meeting me at the station and kept sending her texts, updating her on what was happening.  We were really late leaving and further delayed at Watford, waiting for a slow train to arrive and let Northampton travellers join us.  Finally, we set off and arrived into MK about 2.15am.  By this time, Sue was waiting and came to greet us all.  Unfortunately, her car was in the Hotel’s carpark and it was now closed.

I should have taken a taxi but all the girls elected to walk as Sue said it wasn’t that far.  What she didn’t say was, it was all uphill and a lot further than some of us really wanted to walk at that time of night and tiredness!  She is such a fit woman and a prodigious walker!  Wish I had your legs, babe!   What the hell, we got there eventually and headed into the bar for a quick one.  I watched with some amusement as the young bartender tried chatting up my roomie!  I told him laughing that he was wasting his time as she was a very much married lady, which made her laugh.  We fell into bed about 3am and crashed.

Collectormania next...  ok, Ulla??


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May. 14th, 2008 07:05 pm (UTC)
Oh, nice report. Didn´t really have time to read it but HELL, can´t resist ´em! LOL!!

I really loved this concert, too! There´s something special with these "church-ones".

And the warm-up acts are so good, you can try out the camera settings on them...LOL! In fact, I liked some of Benmarks songs. Bought the CD and got it signed, too. Hm, guess it´s somewhere in the camera-bag!
I asked his manager if they wanted the photos I snapped of him, so I got her business-card. But I haven´t contacted her yet. Guess I just burn the files on a CD and post it.

I hope we get a CD with just James + his guitar in the future. With some covers and those songs you mentioned in the report. I think James version of Fire is better than Springsteens! And the same goes when I compare Tom Waits version/james´s of "Chocolate Jesus". And a song dedecated to Lisa? Can´t wait!

Collectormania next, OK!! Keep writing!!!

I´ll hop over to my photos now. Haven´t booted up the ´puter until now, made my first actual MONEY by photographing today! Like £8 for snapping pics of 3 collies. You have t start somewhere, right? And I was just going to ask for a cup of coffee for the pics...

This dog-breeder is going to have a tattoo with 3 of her dogs, and needed some pics to use as template. So my photos will be carved into someones shoulder in the future...The dogs were very butiful and if the tattoo-artist knows his work it´s gonna be a nice one!

The rest of the evening I´ve been spending brushing/combiing Bonnie, groomers-appointment on Friday. The less tangles in her coat, the less money spent... It´s like £ 80 even if I spend 4-5 hours combing her...

VERY nice report again, keep up the work! Photoshop next.
Hugs, Ulla

May. 15th, 2008 12:13 am (UTC)
Sorry for all typos,just stupid here...
May. 15th, 2008 10:18 am (UTC)
You're tired is all...
Ben Mark should be delighted with your photos, do send them. i didn't bother taking one of him so i'll keep one of yours.
Well done on making money on your photos! You are good enough to be a professional, you know but it's a hard profession to do well in. i had two friends who worked at commercial photographers and they had steady work, although they made a never made heaps of money.

It does sound to me like Himber WILL be banning the 'drunk sayers' and it's their own fault - not sure if he will ban more than the one - has to be Ro/Yoga Lady - but it should put them on notice that this will happen now.
Enough is enough, for heavens sake!

i agree with you about the James photos - BEAUTIFUL by the way!! - we can move him when he realises we DO love him and his work...

i have bank problems today and need to go sort it out - this is serious stuff and i have to open another bank account with a different bank - can't deal with them any more. So bear with me, i'll get back to the CM13 report as soon as i can.

Edited at 2008-05-15 10:18 am (UTC)
May. 15th, 2008 02:31 pm (UTC)
I love my bank... They always fix me the lowest interests on loans. Hey, I even got a bankloan for my breast-reduction, no questions, might have been a raised eyebrow. :O)

Second "tit-anniversary" in 3 weeks. I just love my new boobs.And I paid off the loan, so the bank doesn´t own ´em anymore, LOL!

Good luck with the bank!
May. 15th, 2008 03:04 pm (UTC)
LOL i'm glad you love 'the girls' as Eve Myles calls them! And that you own yourself again!!

Banks love you when you have a job and are earning money - it's quite another story when you are out of work, ill or incapacitated and when you don't have any regular decent money coming in!

Nice to report that i had no trouble opening a bank account with another bank - i signed a form so they could credit check me but the computer approved it immediately and i should have the bankcard etc next week but the account is open and functioning now. So i put £20 in straight away to show willing!
It's going to get nasty with my soon-to-be-ex bank and i will have a fight on my hands with how much i can afford to pay them - not much - especially if they close my current account too [i'm close to the limit on my overdraft!]. Ho hum, somebody up there likes to see me suffer... rats....
Take care, petal

May. 15th, 2008 03:20 pm (UTC)
OH, yes. Banks luve customers who have some money they can play around with.

I hope everything goes smoothly with the bank stuff!

AND talking about "Smoothly" I just downloaded Noise Ninja, a program to remove noise in photos. And I tested it on your UC-photo! So your face is now smooth as a baby-butt...

Guess I have to practice a bit with the program. LOL!

Lene uses it and said it was great, Ive been googling around and Noise Ninja is among the 2-3 best programs and easiest to use, which my old brain always likes... Not much room there for new un-necessary stuff

Back to Photoshop.
May. 15th, 2008 04:02 pm (UTC)
Face as smooth as a baby's butt?? LOL well, i'm a lot more wrinkled, for sure... LOL
Have fun with it, petal!
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