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Collectormania 13 - Sunday 4.05.08


I didn’t think I’d need the alarm and I didn’t.  I woke about 5.45am and got up quietly.  I had my wash & brush up and went and drew the curtains back, which woke Sue just before the alarm went off.  I had a new blouse specially for the day and so did Susie – didn’t we look nice!



We were ready in jig time and met Ginger downstairs at 7am.  Taxi had been booked through the Hotel the night before but it didn’t come.  The receptionist rang and someone at the taxi company had screwed up, no record of the booking, but they would send someone straight away.  Sue decided to hoof it while we waited.   Eventually at 7.15am, a taxi came – for the wrong room number [the one he gave was empty!] and he took us up.

We got to the Centre about five minutes later and joined the queue at Door 16 for John Barrowman.  Already about 30? people there and to my amusement, we actually beat some of the dead-keen-lot…  By the time the doors opened at 9.15am, there was a humungous queue snaking round the side of the Centre.

I had gone for a pee and coffee, when I saw some of the public wandering round inside!  By the time I got back to the door, my girls had gone inside and I moved up to join them.  Ginger had my folder luckily, so no problem.

I could sit on the marble planter until we got our virtual tickets – some guys had stolen a march on us as my number was 114 for John and 104? for Eve [they were sitting side by side] and there definitely hadn’t been that many between us and the door…lot of pushing & shoving going on.  Didn’t matter as it turned out but having a low number meant that when I did turn up, I went straight in.

We went off to get tickets for James and then coffee & breakfast for Sue.  I’d been sneaky and brought my liquid breakfast with me from home, so although I was ready for a coffee, breakfast wasn’t an issue.  Worked pretty good actually.  We wanted to co-ordinate schedules to some degree and the photo ops were starting with John Barrowman 11am-12.30pm, James Marsters 1250pm-220pm, Eve Myles 230pm-330pm but I had an overlap for Kai Owen at 1215pm – one soft-shoe shuffle coming up!

I’ve got to get back into the habit of jotting the sequence of events down, as I got so scrambled trying to remember what was Sunday and what was Saturday.  So bear with me, if my remembrance is a bit off.


Ginger & I had a quick gander at James' auto area, saw that Kai was signing and pretty much had an open queue, so we took the opportunity to nip in.  Problem was he was taking such a long time with people, talking and letting just about everyone take photos, that we were worried we were going to be late for our photo ops with John!  But he gave us a big hello and I said I’d missed out at the Rift and gave him the Torchwood mag to sign.  He was very sweet, personalising it for me and laughing when I told him I’d see him for the photo ops later.  Ginger got hers done too and then we shot off to the photos.


We went & joined John’s queue.  I parked the scooter and again they put me through pretty quickly.   John was very casually dressed in a grey tee-shirt and khaki trousers.  He smiled and said ‘pleased to meet you’ and put his arm around my shoulders, very PC!  I had two photos and said, can we do something slightly different?  Sure, he said and promptly wrapped his arms around me.  I didn’t need second telling and did the same!  *what a waste!*

I said ‘Thank you, nice to meet you’ and he said likewise, shook my hand and I left.  What a nice man and truly is as handsome as his pictures.

  i like this one a lot.
I can’t remember what time Kai’s photos were!  But I think it was between John & James.  Anyway! I got a nice big ‘Hello lovely!’ when I got in and we smiled for the camera.  Mutual ‘thank yous’ and I said I’ll see you tonight!  He was MC for the CM Party that night.  One Kai Owen is definitely worth 5 Barry Johns!!

I must take a moment to say how patient and lovely all the Stewards were, especially Phil & John, overseeing the ‘A’ Group photo area.  No matter how many people asked the same silly questions, they never lost their cool and ran the queues like a well oiled machine.  Take a bow, guys, you’re fabulous!

Too many pretty ladies to mention but you were all lovely and very nice to an aging crotchety lady on a scooter!


James was working by then and had already experienced the friggin gropers.

I’ve already done a post about that and I won’t froth at the mouth again here – but I’m still FURIOUS about that; every time I think of it, I want to do damage…

I care about this man, I don’t know why but I do.  And no, it’s not lust.

All I can say to him is, ‘Hang in there, Little Brother.  Not everyone sees you as an object or a trophy scalp or indeed, as a character you’ve played.  I know you are a man of some complexity and you care deeply about your work and your family.  That’s all anyone can ask.  If you share bits of yourself with us, that’s really great but the extent of your sharing is up to you.  I told you we care about your work and we care about you as a person – that hasn’t changed and as far as I am concerned, it won’t.’


Right.  Move on.  Sue & I went and had coffee & tea [Cona Coffee do a great Americano Decaff but not so good on food unless you want pastries, their  sandwiches are pretty naff] and Lise & Jade came for one too.  We’d seen them earlier but we were all running around like headless chooks that day.   Lovely daughter you’ve got there, Mrs Brown!  Ah, she has her mother’s looks for sure…  We made plans to meet up for dinner but something went awry somewhere.  I hadn’t realised there were two Wetherspoons in MK, but one was literally next door to our hotel and we planned to eat there before we went out to the CM Party down at the new football Stadium.  We were all going to go down in Lise’s car but it didn’t happen that way.


Eve’s photo ops were next and – do all the Welsh greet you with ‘Hello lovely’??  She did and I grinned at her and said we both had the ‘girls’ out today!  Not sure if she got it but it was she that called her boobs, the girls.  We both had cross-over blouses on, y’see…  I’m not putting the photo up here;  she looks great and I look like a simpering fool…but I’m actually trying not to laugh as Malcolm told me off for tipping my head up.


Well, the rest of the day was a scramble in and out of crowds and queues and Sue went to see Al, the Astral Gipsy, who was doing a manga portrait of Greg, Sue’s eldest – made a great job too.


I’d been to look over John & Eve’s auto queues before and thought I’d leave it for a bit, as it had been like poking an ants nest with a stick and seeing them swarming everywhere.   But I got the nod from John the  Steward, to get over there as JB was hoping to leave early, as he had to go back to London – not sure if he made his deadline, as his car was mobbed by fans before he managed to get away..  And they mobbed James too.

Anyway I hoofed it over there.  Some of the ‘feeding frenzy’ had worn off a bit by then and I let John’s wear off some more while I went to see Eve first.  The aisles for the queues were nice and wide and when I asked where to park the scooter, the Stewards said take it down, so I had somewhere to sit, which was really nice.  When I got down to her, her face lit up in a really lovely smile and she greeted me warmly again and I’m pretty sure she recognised me; it wasn’t an act.  She too got the Torchwood magazine, which I’d given her helper, open to the page I wanted.  Not having another Gareth moment here!  She took care signing it and I said how much I’d enjoyed the series and especially her wedding episode.  She said she’d enjoyed it very much and it was one of her favourite episodes. I put my hand out to her and she took it in both of hers, to my surprise but she’s really a lovely person.  Then I couldn’t get out!  The side exit was too narrow for the scooter – and I got wedged!  She was laughing and concerned at the same time but one of the security guys outside just took hold of the partition and moved it outward and let me out.   Thank you, kind sir.


I moved round to the start of the queues again to join John’s and again, the stewards said take the scooter.  I was very pleased I did as this queue didn’t move as fast, although he’d stopped personalising by then and was signing at top speed to get through them all. 

Anyway, I got down to the table and folded the Torchwood magazine to where I wanted John to sign it but his minder mucked it up and I said, ‘hold it, I’d like John to sign where I had it open, please’ and showed him where – then I saw that he’d already signed it on the front.  But he was a real gentleman and signed it on the right page too, which I appreciated and said so. No problem. 

I went to leave but the exit from John’s side was narrower than Eve’s and I almost took the table with me!!  I smiled at John as the security guy helped me sort it out and I said, ‘Excuse me, I have to go away and blush!’ and he laughed.  I made it half way out but the corner was simply not wide enough to turn and I had to get off the scooter and two Stewards lifted it up and round between them, then I could get back on it and take it out.  What a palaver!!  I made it though, thanks to these guys!   They’re the best; it’s a positive pleasure to go there and I will be back for CM14 in September.


I saw some of the girls pretty much everywhere I went during the day.  But I  made sure Ginger, Lise & Jade knew our dinner plans and checked to see what everyone else was doing in regard to getting out to the Party.  I lost Sue for a while and went to check out the photo tables, to see what was ready and talk about ‘feeding frenzy’ !!  so I decided to leave it and pick them up on the following morning, as I wasn’t getting anything signed tonight and I wasn’t sure just which time I had to return the scooter.  So I text’d Sue to say I was going back to the hotel and took the scooter back.  Called a cab again and again, they came in good order.  Nice polite drivers too.

Went up to our room and chilled for a bit.  Sue called to check on me and said she’d join me shortly.  I decided to go to the party in what I was wearing, just freshened up and applied some more face.  I actually had my feet up, reading when Sue came back, bearing gifts!  She had checked out the photo tables too and picked up her photos and mine;  great!  She said she’d seen a woman pick up a pile of photos and thumb through them – like she’d never heard of multiple photos for one person??   Didn’t she see that the Stewards had carefully put each persons pics in one pile for them, cretinous wench!  She was making a mess of other people’s photos and Sue didn’t want mine messed up, so she picked them up and brought them to me.  See why she gets called ‘Sweet Sue’?

I was delighted and spread them on the bed to gloat, while she got changed.

We were almost ready when Ginger joined us and shortly after, went down to get some dinner.  We swiftly discovered that Wetherspoons were severely shorthanded and wouldn’t be serving us any time soon, so we went next door and were well suited.  We kept an eye out for Lise & Jade but never saw them.

When we were ready, I called a taxi and we went out to the Stadium.  Big place and nothing else there.

I’m going to do James’ mini concert and the Party as a separate post, so this will have to keep you until tomorrow, Ulla, my dear!



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May. 19th, 2008 07:19 am (UTC)
Wasn't Sunday manic?

I was so glad we spotted you sitting down at the coffee spot. I really wished I had had one of those shop-mobility scooters , my feet hurt by the time I got through to James for the photo ops.I could have kicked him off his stool and told him my need greater than your's ,I'm not interested in your ass boy!

Never ,will I eat at that Whetherspoons again! The food took almost an hour, it was cold and to top it off, the cutlery was still dirty. I don't mean just a bit of food. I mean it was as if it hadn't even seen a drop of water. I stormed up and gave them a piece of my mind. Be glad you didn't eat there pet!
The party was cool. I loved it ! Jade was brimming as she had now seen and heard James live."He Rocks!" was her words.
She can't wait til we next get together now and she hopes that James will be going after everything the poor man went through.
A fantastic day and night , in the company of my fave people
Huge hugs from me and from Jade xxxxx
May. 19th, 2008 10:42 am (UTC)
oh yeah, Sunday was a mad dash everywhere! But it was, for the most part, fun.
We were told that they were down to one Chef or some such at Wetherspoons and when we looked at the place, we didn't feel like waiting for an hour to be served. i really sorry we missed you, as we were really a couple of doors down.
It was great to see the girls at the Party but i couldn't hear much over the sound system and when they turn the lights off, i could barely see anybody! i'm not a clubby person, so i wound up out in the bar area, because there were lights on out there. Then the bar ran out of booze and most everything else! Mind you, at those prices, nobody was going to get pissed, unless they were rich!
i'm glad you and Jade had a good time and enjoyed it all.
later, babe
May. 19th, 2008 08:46 am (UTC)
Thanks for a nice one again!!

I don´t mind to wait ´till tomorrow for the next part, working morning-shift then, too.

Oh, yeh :O( Working again. Those days off just flies away. At least I got a bunch of photos up in the galleries. Typical, the sun is shining now. We have had really awful, cold and wet weather for the whole weekend and some. And when you´re back to work... Sunny.
Well, gonna exchange the work-backpack for the camera-ditto and then a nice walk with Bonnie. That´s the plan for today. Oh, then some Photoshopping of course.

And I´ll give up on James for Bruce...

Just kidding. Crawl up from the floor, please!

My niece and her husband have a spare ticket to the Bruce Springsteen concert at the Olympia Stadium in Helsinki July 11. So I´m off to Helsinki for a couple of days, going to visit my parents in August instead. That´s the plan for now. And I´ve never been to one of these gigantic concerts, something different from James´s for sure! I guess I can´t snap photos there...
May. 19th, 2008 10:59 am (UTC)
It may take a while today as i am having THE shittiest day...
i'm fighting bureaucracy again AND the damned Barlcays Wank at the same time. But i have contacted the Citizens Advice Bureau and they are going to help me [i have an appointment on 27/5] in regards to the Wank.
i have to write a letter to Housing protesting the benefit decision - there is no logical basis for it being different this year as the house it still the same but the Rent Service are still recommending my benefit be decreased. This means i am expected to pay the shortfall - £77 per month! Which i simply don't have and cannot do. So that is what i am fighting today. Keep those clever fingers crossed for me please!

Edited at 2008-05-19 11:00 am (UTC)
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