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Ten Most Gorgeous Men

i liked the idea of doing this, but finding suitable photos might be problematical...  we'll see...

Top of my list is James Marsters, so no surprises there - the rest in no particular order...
 photo by Ulla Huhta
  No: 2 Rutger Hauer     No: 3  Mark Harmon
 No: 4  Tony Head
 No: 5  Vincent D'Onofrio
 No: 6  Yun Fat Chow
 No: 7  Sean Pertwee  No: 8  Julian Sands
 No: 9  Jensen Ackles
 No: 10  The one and only Sean Bean

There are more of course - William Petersen, Avery Brooks, Eric Szemadas, David Tennant, Daniel Craig, David McCallum, Edward James Olmos, Gabriel Byrne, Christian Kane, James Spader and the incredible Alan Rickman
 and this is such a great photo   Gabriel

What a nice way to spend half an hour...  *happy sigh*
One more of James??   from Mad Brilliant



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May. 19th, 2008 10:53 am (UTC)
You have good taste in men , I'll give you that . Most are extremely shaggable! he he he .
I'd skip on Vincent ( too hagard now) and Julian Sands (Only cos he looks like my old English teacher). Alan Rickman would probably have me laughing too much with his dry wit. Gabriel Burnes ... yum. Never been into Sean Bean that much , I'd swap him for David Boreanaz . But other than them.. that's an orgy just waiting to happen ! *wink*
May. 19th, 2008 02:43 pm (UTC)
You know, i was looking back at my choices and i noticed an interesting thing - i have the strongest impression all these men have a brain behind that fascinating facade... i do like them to be able to think - you can't spend ALL day in bed; well, you can but not forever! i guess it is my age that has only one youngster on the list but they are all HOT!!
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