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May. 21st, 2008 06:32 am (UTC)

This is what my choices came up with.

Your musical tastes are energetic and rhythmic.
You are full of energy and can be quite talkative.

You are forward thinking and open minded.
You despise conservatism of any sort.

You are intense, detail oriented, and motivated.
You are an ambitious person, though your ambition is anything but conventional.
May. 21st, 2008 09:43 am (UTC)
Do you agree with the results? i did it again and put in some more of the musit i like and got a completely different one... i'll do again and put it so you can see.
May. 21st, 2008 09:49 am (UTC)
Yeah , I'd agree with the results .
The lists weren't varied enough and so I had to compromise with some of my answers. I like Jazz, some anyway , but wouldn't choose to go into a Jazz club or bar . I'm more lively than that and plus, screeching saxophones really do my head in after a while.
But then I can't see you hitting nightclubs and getting down and funky to Britney! (not that I do , just want to clarify that I do not get my funk on to Britney ) xx
May. 21st, 2008 09:58 am (UTC)
i do like jazz but not Dixyland or the modern rubbish. Sue & i went to a jazz bar in San Francisco one night, nice laid-back stuff and pretty good too, no screeching anything!
But i like classical music, good ol' rock'n'roll and heavy metal [from time to time]. i draw the line at Madonna [though she turns out the odd one i like], rather have Cyndi Lauper - and i don't consider the junior stuff music... just for the kiddies really.
May. 21st, 2008 10:08 am (UTC)
My taste in music has changed a lot lately. I have gone back to liking styles that I didn't previously. E.G ..I like some David Bowie were as before, I didn't. I grew up with an Uncle only 9 yrs older than me and he liked Meatloaf , AC-DC etc and so I liked them too. Actually met Meatloaf once , he stood on my foot , I hit him in the back and called him a great oaf. He turned around expecting to see someone taller and then looked down at me and laughed, called me cute and then offered to buy me a drink. I accepted and chatted with him for a while.Such a sweet guy. So , I like all sorts , my music file on my laptop is huge and varied , nobody here has the same taste as I do . I downloaded All apologies, the Nirvana version and played that loud, getting frowns off hubby for doing it.I think he is 90 yrs old inside that head of his.
( 5 comments — Leave a comment )