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This is fashion??

i'm stealing a leaf out of Wendylady's book and doing a brief fashion critique, not something i plan on doing on a regular basis but looking at some of what appeared on the Red Carpet recently, i just had to make some comments.

So the first one is the most recent from the premiere of 'Sex & the City' - Kristin is wearing quite a conservative little number but she has chosen something that really does suit her and looks good in it.  The black is a little too plunging for a woman with small boobs that maybe aren't quite, um, perky enough for this style and should be left to younger women.  i applaud the red/orange colour of Kim's dress but what the hell style is that supposed to be??  It looks as though it has been cobbled together by an amateur hand, to be kind to it and what to say about SJP??  Please!  Do not attempt to wear what is supposed to be a hat - it looks AWFUL, especially on top of that dirty off-coloured greeny dress, yuk!  She said the hat was so firmly fixed to her head that she didn't dare try to take it off and the person sitting behind her at the film showing must have felt like they were sitting in the garden, trying to peer through the folliage!!  She did try to slump down in her seat but really, that really is rude.  It never occured to her??
The next two show the latest rather odd trend of wearing ballgowns during the day...  Love the colour of both but the dark blue although plain enough to showcase the lovely colour, does nothing for her figure and what's with the pool of material on the floor, just waiting to trip her up...  She couldn't resist a drooping chain either.  The lighter blue goes one step further and has a shoulder train as well!  WAY OTT and yes, love, your bum does look big in that dress.

i've always said Natalie Portman would look good in a sack and she's found a frilly one.  It would have been better with a sexy little black ribbon choker and some decent earrings.  Juliette Lewis found a shorter one in fringes and honey? If you're going to stand like a giraffe at a waterhole, wear a longer skirt?  Sean Penn shows that even a scruffy little man can look half way decent in a tux and he is helping cover the tulle-layered monstrosity behind him but missed the sack-shift next to her.  Material is lovely but couldn't the designer done something a bit more clever that making her look like she is wearing a curtain??

These have to the worst on the Carpet - and that's saying something!  Julianne, just what is that colour supposed to be?  Old gold, yellow, off-cream, what?  It doesn't have a style - frills round the neckline, an awful belt affair and a skirt that looks as though it had to be hoiked up at the side to avoid tripping her - and what is that THING on her shoulder???  She is, however, totally eclipsed by Mrs Koshoggi - who is a living example that having pots of money cannot give you style, dress sense or cure colour blindness...  Oh, my word....  i wouldn't even know where to start on that one, it is so awful.  Reminds me of the woman in old San Francisco who was so rich, she hired concert halls so she could go and murder music - the critics loved her because she couldn't carry a tune in a bucket.
i have left one final picture to help heal your corneas, a lady who i can't stand really as she is such a bad actress but who shows that style is ageless, even if the jacket gapes a bit and skirt could do without the silly little train.

Having had my daily dose of bitchy, i feel better now...  LOL   Sunday and it's grey and rainy - glad i did my washing yesterday.   i'm getting through my paperwork and just have to collate what i'm taking to my financial meeting on Tuesday - i won't go into all the crap surrounding this, just so you know i am about to do Battle Royal with the Wank and am getting some CAB [Citizens Advice Bureau] advice and help to do so.   i am also half way through the process of trying to sort out the Rent Service, with help from Housing and i have re-applied for Discretionary with them too.  i've done all i can now and just have to wait.  Hopefully the nastily polite letter i sent to RS, demanding a written explanation of their weird, logic-less and totally unacceptable decision, will bear some fruit that isn't bitter and inedible...   Ho hum, we live in hope, don't we??   Landlord is being a total sweetie and supportive, bless his cotton socks...
*goes off to press material for girding loins*   
later, guys! 


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May. 25th, 2008 10:25 pm (UTC)
You could do some extra cash bitching ´bout fashion!

SJP-s outfit was "the ugliest of the week" in one of the big papers. And it´s a live mink on Juliannes shoulder! You know, animal-lovers way of wearing a furcoat...

And the last old lady (who is it?) Too many facelifts, look at that smile! Like something from Brazil, the movie...

Good luck with wank-bank on Tuesday, I´ll keep my fingers crossed.

Hey, you have forgotten the link to Lenes photos in the Link-list in the sidebar... Just noticed. Have you seen her Rift-pics? I say TUMMY, with half a happy trail if not more. And how the hell can that be the one pic short-circuting my brain. There must have been more pics, I just can´t get by that one... Have to try again, might start from the end this time, good plan. ( And them get stuck oogling THE pic again ;O) )

May. 26th, 2008 12:10 am (UTC)
LOL Money for reviewing? i wish!!
A MINK?? really? i must have a closer look at it. That old lady is Faye Dunnaway and yes, the last facelift didn't do her any favours did it? They never know when to stop... Weird film 'Brazil'. They had the same face stretching craziness in 'Star Trek: Insurrection'. *shudders*

i have left Lene off my links? i don't use this link as she is on my Favourites, like you, and some of the girls. Thanks for pointing that out, i'll get it sorted!
i know which picture you mean - definitely more - i sent it to Char and she wanted to lick the screen!
Take care,
May. 26th, 2008 12:58 am (UTC)
Hmm, might be a toy-rat,not a mink. LOL! Got one for Bonnie from IKEA... Maybe that outfit is something made at fashionschool by some relative and she wears it to make them happy.

AND the ugly dresses really get attention, don´t forget!

Oh, my computer-screens are licked clean and I have this funny plastic taste in my mouth...
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