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Saturday 7th June

i've been reading the magazine supplement of the Times today and i found several things that i like and one or two that make me wonder just which madman thought this up!!

i love shoes... Ma called me 'Imelda'...  Lots of new intriguing styles, bought by women with more money than sense, heels that would kill you without training but always fascinating.

clockwise from the top left - suede with floral motif, Prada £385;  red crocodile courts with steel toe, Alexander McQueen £680;  ivory sandals with metal heels, Dior £540;  black & white gladiator heels, Balenciaga £1110 [bloody hell!];  navy & gold patent peep-toes, Chanel £320;  Stella black patent heels with gold stars, Yves St Laurent £560;  cut-out wedges, Belstaff £237;  and red leather sphere-heels, Sergio Rossi £395  

And if you can afford any of those without a mortgage, good luck to you, mate!

"Outre jewellery designer Shaun Leane was commissioned to reset some ancient Roman pieces for Sam Taylor-Wood.  He created these stunning modern earrings from two pearl rings" - now that's my idea of re-cycling...

You are not going to believe what this is....

underneath all that fringing and frou-frou is a suede minidress...  *ya think???*  It costs - are you ready for this?  £1423 by Roberto Cavalli

But is that crazier than this!?

This little number is actually a swimsuit, would you believe it?  Emilio Pucci must have taken leave of his senses...  but he's charging £755 for it...   i like the yellow-gold carved snake cuff.   It doesn't say how much it is - but it's one of those if-you-have-to-ask, you-can't-afford-it things, i guess.

So that was interesting, wasn't it?  i suppose, it's a look at the world most of us don't belong in, though i suspect a lot would like to.  i'd like the snake cuff...  i may even have worn some fabulous shoes, but not at that price!

Next lifetime, i wanna be RICH!!  i've had enough of scrimping and making do, whadja reckon??


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Jun. 7th, 2008 11:53 pm (UTC)
Me too! Rich and a size 10.
I adore the shoes, not that I'd be able to run around in them without heafty life insurance and a chiropractor lol. J'adore Dior and Chanel, so I want those . With Yves St Laurent passing away, I can see anything from his collections going up in price.
As promised , here is the link for my Mums Ebay. I have put all of the Lilliput Lane on there and it's got a lot of watchers , which is great! I spent the whole day photographing antiques and ornaments that could be worth something, so lots more to go on there over the next week.I photographed my clothing today and will be putting it all on my Ebay tomorrow, fingers crossed. I'll send you the link once it's finished .
Hope that you're feeling great babe. Cooler today that previous days which I was pleased about. I love the sun and warm summer days but not when I have to be indoors with no breeze. Chat soon x
Lise x

Jun. 8th, 2008 09:08 am (UTC)
Glad you enjoyed the shoes, i know i did!
Where's the link, pet? Not to worry, i'll just Search Lilliput Lane on Ebay, that should bring it up...
Supposed to be sunny today but at 10am, it's pretty cloudy. Maybe it'll be better later as there is a brisk wind and yes, a lot cooler.
*yawns* Sorry, someone had a very noisy party near us that went on well after 3am and kept waking me up. It always makes me feel i want to have a big brass band come and play outside their house the next morning EARLY!
Jun. 8th, 2008 03:49 pm (UTC)
Sorry about that , it was late and my head was trying to shut itself down.A whole day with the parents and my head felt like it was going to explode. Here's the link babe http://search.ebay.co.uk/_W0QQsassZ1256rosieharding

I hope your neighbours don't party like that too often. Invest in some ear plugs, I hope you got a lie in to make up for your late night. Relax and put your feet up today .
Lise x
Jun. 9th, 2008 08:31 am (UTC)
Thanks, sweets!
No probs, i know how parents can be!
Wow, those Lilliput items are expensive - how much do they go for new in the shops?!?!? Or are they not made any more?
The neighbours don't party every weekend, thank heavens, or i would be walking down the street to work out just which house it was, even that late at night! But i pity the people who actually live next door to them!!
i did get a lie-in sorta but the day is a-wasting, so not too long! i had a better one this morning, although i rarely stay in bed longer than 8am or 8.30am, depending on when i went to sleep! That is sometimes 2am or thereabouts..
Jun. 9th, 2008 08:53 am (UTC)
Glad you had a better night last night . I had a crap night as Luke had a night terror and was too scared to go back off to sleep.I'll catch up tonight though.
Lilliput Lane can be expensive.The cost depends on their size and if it was a limited edition .My Nan has a lot that have been retired now and a few that are limited editions. I have quite a few watchers ,so fingers crossed. I was setting my stuff up and putting them on nice backgrounds etc ,when it occurred to me that I had been a right plonk and not noted down what size any of it was. I left the clothes at my Mums as I'm a smoker and have a dog that molts hair like a bloody yeti!
You wouldn't believe what my parents were going to do....
Only thought they would take most of my Nan's ornaments etc to a car boot and sell them that way! I took my camera so I could take the photo's of my clothes, good job I did. They were going to take antiques , Royal Dalton etc .I could have hit them upside the head! I took photo's and said I'd find out how much the antiques were worth and sell those on ebay too. I sometimes wonder where I got my brains and common sense from, cos seriously I have some mentally challenged family *rolls eyes*.
Beautiful day again, I'd chill in the garden but my neighbours dog is out there and it barks constantly. Have a relaxing day babe .Gonna go do myself some marmite on toast. You either love it or you hate it ;p
Jun. 9th, 2008 11:20 am (UTC)
Yes, i wondered what size they were... It's one of the things i put on whatever i sell, unless it's normal-sized books.
LOL Good job you have your wits about you! i know a couple of people that were cleaning out deceased relatives' houses that couldn't be bothered to get a couple of valuers in and got people in to clear them out - i often wondered if they'd missed out on a lot of money.

It's really lovely here at the moment, almost tempted to go shuffle round the market in town... But i'm slightly hot & sweaty at the moment as i have just cleaned the kitchen, swept & washed the floors in the house and it's just about lunchtime.
My lot are a bit sloppy and i can wipe down the stove and countertops every day, if i feel inclined! And i usually do; got so bad at one stage, i even put up a notice saying 'please wipe up after yourselves' - which worked for a couple of days! *shakes head* i can't leave mess for other people, after sharing for so many years.

The flating rule was simple, common areas were kept clean & tidy; what your room looked like, was your problem. We had cleaning rosters and we had a food kitty, we each shopped & cooked for a week, in turn.
The only time that didn't apply was when i shared a house with three guys, who's cooking skills were limited. If they were all in for dinner, i had a meal for them every night. i did the shopping [John had a car] and they washed up and cleaned the house. Worked very well too; i liked living there. But John & i eventually moved out and got our own place.
Ah, happy days...
Have a great week, petal!

Edited at 2008-06-09 11:21 am (UTC)
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