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Friday the 13th

And it's Friday the 13th....  Let's hope it is a lucky day for me!

Famous types to enjoy a Friday the 13th birthday include: Samuel Beckett (13 April 1906), Margaret Thatcher (13 October 1925), Fidel Castro (13 August 1926), Zoë Wanamaker (13 May 1949), Peter Davison (13 April 1951), Steve Buscemi (13 December 1957), Julia Louis-Dreyfus (13 January 1961) and devil twin children, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen (13 June 1986). Tupac Shakur was even less lucky and was killed on Friday, September 13th 1996. Didn’t stop him releasing another four million records, mind…

from Talk about the Passion http://www.tatp.org/blog/?p=322

Have a great weekend, guys!


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Jun. 13th, 2008 09:02 am (UTC)
WOW!! thanks for reminding me about this. i swear i wouldn't have figured it out until.. probably sunday. With everything people say about this day, strangely it's made me appreciate it alot.
Jun. 13th, 2008 11:07 am (UTC)
Is this a serious post or were you being sarcastic?
i'm pretty ambivalent about the whole good/bad thing on Friday 13th really - if something bad happens, it's easy to say 'oh it's the day' and i know some people will not travel on this day, which i find a bit odd.
i suppose i could say yes, it can be a 'bad' day as my mother actually died on Friday 13th - but i think it is just another day.
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