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Day before The Move...

Quick post to answer questions set by Kazzy Cee *blows kiss*

What was your favourite job when you were working full time?

I never actually got to do what would have been a favourite job – that I got paid for, but being a Mailroom Supervisor in Sydney was pretty good and I had good staff; though Head Office Credit Controller was okay back here, as I got to visit the Hotels and travel around UK.  My favourite un-paid job was a Steward at a Convention.


How did you get involved in the Buffy/Spike/James fandom?
I have always been fascinated by special effects in films and my dream job would have been working in a job doing that.  I started watching BTVS on a whim for the vampire make-up angle, around Season 4 [I caught up on video later].  I was sorely in need of cheering up after Ma’s death and I thought it was so well written and that Spike was the funniest thing since sliced bread!  The fact that he was bloody gorgeous didn’t hurt!

I decided I wanted to meet James when he came over for SFX and went just for one day.  In retrospect I wished I’d done all of it, but couldn’t get the Friday/Monday off.  The rest as they say, is history as the man turned out to be more interesting than the character.


What made you decide to get an Lj?

I wanted somewhere I could voice my thoughts and opinions, where no anal-retentive Board owner tried to regiment you or stop free expression.  I quickly discovered that most Boards were slanted into favourites and ‘others’ and it took a long time and patience to be accepted by the longer-term users.  Some of the sites had been going long enough for the women to get ‘cliquey’, as is very common everywhere – it’s my least favourite thing about us!!  But on LiveJournal, I could express my opinion, post where and when I wanted and if anyone didn’t like it, they could bugger off;  nobody was forcing them to stay or read what I’d written and I had the final say what appeared there.


If money were no object where would be your favourite place to live?

Oh, that’s a hard one.  I guess I’d split up the year – an apartment in Venice for the spring & Carnival; a loft apartment, nicely air-conditioned, in San Francisco [a good base for the West Coast] for the summer;  Autumn on the East Coast somewhere, maybe? Love the fall colours.  But most likely London to touch base.  And winter?  Travelling round Australia & New Zealand visiting friends.


What is your favourite memory from childhood?

That’s a toughie… Most of my childhood memories aren’t very nice as I was sick a lot of the time.  I do remember one Christmas in Malaya – we had an enormous tree, covered in decorations, tinsel and lights – with little glass painted candles on the ends of the branches and beautiful little painted glass birds, with real feather tails, fixed to the branches.  I can see it still.

Right, now i'm off to sign the contract on my new place and pick up the keys...
Later, guys