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Thursday 19th June

Oh man, my back is broken...  Went to sign up and pick up the keys;  all well and then the referral down to SOFA.  i found them after walking round most of the business park!  Had a look around and only found a mattress; all the sofas were too big - there was a wicker one that would be perfect but it came with two chairs, only problem was the three guys who were looking after/running this place could only think in straight lines and were not capable of selling me just the sofa - and selling the two chairs seperately.  i would have been happy to pay the price for the set and then donate the chairs back but i have the distinct impression that would have been a step too far for them!  So all i got was the mattress.  
One of them even said, it's a pity you couldn't have taken more things, as the delivery charge covers it all - well, yeah, but you didn't have anything else i wanted, matey...or had that not occurred to you?  *shakes head*
Anyway, they'll bring it tomorrow 10am-12pm - and i was at pains to lay it out for them, that they can check with the office if i am not there yet but if John the Support Officer isn't there, that they are to leave outside my door in the hall.  It will be off the street and should be safe enough for the short time it will be there.
Went back to Mill Road and begged a couple of boxes off Co-op, and packed up the kitchen stuff, cooked two meals [i sure won't want to cook tomorrow night!], took rent/deposit from the girl moving into my room on Sunday, fielded phone calls about other tenants, wrapped up the scanner and detached the speakers - next is the computer itself, so i'll be brief.
It's going to be odd without internet for almost two weeks but hopefully all will be well.. Fingers crossed for the move in the morning, hope i haven't forgotten anything.  Like pull open a door to find a whole load of stuff i haven't packed!  But i have double checked most everything - just need a couple of bin bags for the cushions & pillows tomorrow morning.  Grr-arrgh!
My back is broken... i'm going to be a basket case if i don't just let these guys do their job and resist pitching in to help - they are not on a time clock but doing it by the load.  Which is refreshing.  i'll keep a diary and let you know how we get on.
Take care, my dears, and i will be back at the end of June, if all goes according to the plan i keep wanting to change!!



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Jun. 19th, 2008 09:55 pm (UTC)
Enjoy your new home, and good luck on the move-I'll be keeping my fingers crossed, but you sound as if you have the whole thing organized beautifully.

Se ya in a couple of weeks.

Jul. 12th, 2008 10:42 am (UTC)
Saturday morning
Hi there, sweetie! Nice to hear from you! Move was ok but STILL waiting for permission from Council to put up a satellite dish. Could take another 4 weeks to hear from them - then if it's 'yes', a week or so? for AV UK to put up dish and THEN another 1-2 weeks for Broadband...
*tears out hair*
i'm just hanging in there, coming in here to post the odd comment and put through my grocery order.
Other than that i'm real good - lost 10 kgs since Christmas and the surgeon has put me on his operating list. Hopefully the operation will be mid-late October!
Do drop me a line and tell me what you have been up to - either here or when i get back online, as i will have a different email addy.
Take care, petal!
Jul. 2nd, 2008 12:51 pm (UTC)
Settled in?
Hi, Jill!

Welcome back to internet, ´cause when you see this you should have your internet back. Hopefully...

I hope your move went well. And You´ve got your telephole line and ADSL...
Odd without your posts here at LJ.
I´m tired and bored of everything at the moment. Just zombieing around with work, walks, sleep and all around. My "hermit me" for a change.
Going to Helsinki next week, might cheer me up a bit. Or not.

Well, we´ll see when you get back online. I´ll have to work now!

Hugs, Ulla
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