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Toronto Part Two

shit! had written a page and lost the damn thing, trying to change it over to rich text - *$£*/@#£%!!! how bloody annoying is that...  i hate that!

ok, Start Again!! 

Saturday 27th August - the busiest day of the weekend

i didn't need to rush this morning and i had asked Lynnie if she would take Char to breakfast for me, before i left last night, as i didn't think i would be over early enough to take her myself and we only had a finite amount of time before the Photo session at 11.00am.

i was up early enough to get my clothes etc organised for the day and evening - decided i would wear the black top with pink flowers that i had worn to Coventry, long sleeves and enough cleavage to knock your eye out, if you felt so inclined...  it felt right anyway.   i put on new tattoos and had my breakfast - cherrios and eggs fried in butter [that way you can put them straight onto toast - shortcut cooking i call it!] and after two mugs of coffee, started to feel more human...   Made up my face and noted absently that my hand was remarkably steady, over my nerves.  Got a cab and got to the Intercon as Char & Lynnie were finishing their breakfasts.  [Char said later Spicy said she called during this time - hey momma!  you make arrangements the night before, not half way through the next day!]   Lynnie left to get ready and i took Char up for her to get ready too.

Char in that single-mindedness of the invalid, had announced i was taking her Lush shopping, the day before - it was supposed to be close to the Hotel - if you call a 15-20 minute walk for a fit able-bodied person who knew where they were going 'close' - we had none of it, as it turned out - wrong address and wrong phone #!!  But i said we will have to see how the schedule goes as James is on first this morning - maybe while Elijah Wood is on?  [i knew she wanted to go but had supposed Guess Who would be taking her? i wanted to see the Expo...  and Char knew all this]

We went down to the lower level where the line had already grown quite a bit and seperated into VIP line and Gold lines.  i had established the wheelchairs went through early from the day before and i wanted to check on the extra photo ops Himber had said were available.  Bookie took care of the money for us - we both got one extra - and got our number and the photocopied Himber Ents strip to show the extra bought [we were supposed to get an extra number apparently but that happened after us] - Niki was 001 and we were 002 & 003.  We were just getting ourselves sorted when we were told to follow Niki, James had arrived and was ready...

** We went round the edge of what was a huge grey sheet of ?plastic/canvas? photographic backing and James was standing by a 3-legged stool and when he saw us, he came over and help me get Char on her feet and as soon as she got her balance, i let him take her and moved the chair away.  She stood with him [the only one i believe to have him stand with her] and had her pics taken and he was chatting away as he brought her back to me - "Style and grace", he said when she sat in the chair, which pleased her quite a lot.  And i moved her close to the edge while i had mine done.

He smiled at me and said 'i gotta sit for the rest of them' [cause if i had mine standing up, so could they] and as i moved to stand at his side, the photographer said, hold up the number, so i did.   i said can we do something different?  'Sure, what d'you have in mind?' he said and i put my arms around him from the back and put my hands on his chest and asked if he would put his hands over mine, which he promptly did and i just dropped my chin onto his shoulder and cuddled in close.  'Click' - then she said, put your head the other side and i did but it moved the pose somewhat into the one i have now - James' left hand holding my arm and his right hand on his arm, hugging my arms to his chest - i didn't think about it but i should have done another - the holding number shot threw me and i counted that as the official shot - don't ask me why...  all i was thinking at the time was, i can feel his heart beating under my fingers...  how warm he is...  nice clean smell, of nothing in particular...  just nice how he let me arrange him to my satisfaction.

i gave him a quick hug and as i started to draw back from him, he held my hand for a moment and i said smiling, [in that jokey way kinda like Han Solo in Return of the Jedi], "i LOVE you!" and he grinned back at me and said "I love you too, baby!" then i turned and grabbed our stuff and Char and hoofed it....

We walked back down the line, with the James grin on our faces and i saw people i knew and said 'he is wearing the brown stripey shirt from Coventry and is in a good mood, very huggy!' and so many faces smiled back at me....  i did this a couple of times as we moved down and got the same response - well you do, don't you?!   i have seen some of the photos taken that morning and they are really good - he was in a very huggy mood and it was lovely.   Lynnie's are some of the very best i have ever seen - how he managed to give her a different shot so quickly, five times in a row, speaks volumes of his sheer professionalism and desire to do the best for us...

Linda & Niki had found a lift much closer than the one i had been sent to and we were upstairs again in jig-time - and as it was only about 1130, i said now is 'Lush time' - "Great!"  Char said and we zipped outside and got a cab - nice older guy - hippie-ish and he knew about wheelchairs.   We set off and Char had gotten the address from the Concierge - wrong - rang the phone number - wrong and finally got Information to put her through.  Our cabbie did a U-y and got us there - he was a real doll.   He made sure we got all our stuff together before leaving us too and we rolled into the shop.

We got one of the girls to give us a hand and Char proceeded to strip the shop, to their obvious delight and when they learned what we were doing in Toronto, they were thrilled for us and two of them knew who James was - delighted he had been given their stuff by Lynnie and they came to the door carrying the bags and stayed to help us into the cab.  Very nice.   No way we could have walked it, especially with the amount Char bought [not just for her of course!  she was buying for other people too].   When we got back, i went and got a porter to look after the bags while i brought her in - Guess who was standing outside having a cigarette?  i ignored her and went inside, got the porter and he opened the side door so i could wheel Char inside - Spicy walked back into the Hotel about five steps ahead of us....   Never said a word or made a move to speak to Char.  Char couldn't see her and i never said a word - i didn't want to hurt her.  If she ever gets to read this, by that time, it won't matter...   i did tell her she was in the Lobby with ?? and that she was ignoring us...  Char just said oh, thats a bit odd...  and we took the porter up with us to the room.

We had a little time before we were due to go down to the Q&A at 1300 - Char got off her tailbone for a little bit and then we went down and they had all the people queuing upstairs in an anteroom before they allowed them down - the Theatre was in use - so we hung out with our friends for a lil' bit  *waves to Lucia, Pattie, Claudia and the girls* - and then went down to wait until the room was cleared before they let us back down..   we stood against the wall with Niki & Linda until we went in and got seats. 

** James was in good form all weekend for everything and the Q&As were excellent with very few of the old 'Buffy' questions - i remember one lass asking about his relationship with Steve Himber in such a deadpan way, it was hilarious and without missing a beat, he called out "Steve, how long have we been lovers?"  - we just fell about laughing, especially as he must have heard his name and came through the door to see what was happening!!  James clapped his hand over his mouth and laughed as much as we did - he said something like 'you guys so want me to be gay!' and i joined in the cry of 'NO!' 

There were many good questions and Lynnie had already done her naughty one the day before about did he like shaved, part or the full overcoat?  Didn't throw him at all - 'Smooth' was the reply and that he liked to do it himself!  he also said he like to shave himself with one of those little pen shavers but when she asked him if he would do the full back, crack and pack, she lost him - pack? and she made a cupping motion with her hand and said 'balls, love' - oh no, he said, that was too deep..   He looked at her and said, you got me - yes, she said, i got you!!

We also got the size and fit question and answer and he said size did matter cause it could be too big and i called out 'no' - he said 'it kinda grows, baby' and obviously thought there was no answer to that but i had it and i called to him - he looked down smiling, waiting until he could hear me and i said 'one size fits all, baby' and i had the last word!!  he was laughing too much to try and top that.  Stephen had the 10? Q&A, quite brilliant and was well applauded for it - i spoke to him later and he was a sweetie.  Got some interesting answers off James too.   James had started by saying no question too dirty, if you think it is, ask it anyway!  so he couldn't really protest some of what he got but the sexy ones never throw him, he seems to thrive on them - much to Niki's discomfort, she doesn't like the really personal ones!  i just laugh...  it was very good anyhow and over much too soon.   He bounced off and we had a good long time until the Autograph session at 1800.

We had seen food vendors outside and Char opted for a cheeseburger and i had a hotdog - took us a while in the queue but ok and we chatted to a couple of lads who were waiting there too and were doing the Expo, much interest in our badges and VIP pics with James.   We ate upstairs and Lynnie & Laura came up for a bit **now i am confused - did we do that on Sat or Sunday?**

We were on the lower level again for the autographs and we joined them later, Char getting horizontal was a good idea - her back was killing her...    When we did get down there, it was a mess - we had to sit around in a wide hallway until they organised something, the place we were supposed to be in was taken apparently, an Expo screw up..  they opened a big room next to us and we went in there.  We saw some of the photographs come down and i expected ours to be there but no... they started at 200 and something!  We saw quite a few people we knew and Erin/'Evenstar' was there, so nice to see her and she brought over her latest painting to show us, very good - she was going to see Clive Barker too and she had a good pic taken with him and i believe he invited her to visit his studio?!!  cor...  go, girl!!     Spicy was there and she brought over the book she had asked people to contribute to, to show Char as she had sent in a letter for him...  we politely ignored each other and never said one word.   i think Char was afraid of what i could say but she said she was surprised i was so restrained - i just pretended she didn't exist.    Lynnie and some others had also contributed but she didn't get shown the Book...

We got sorted out inside the new room and VIP line one side and Golds on the other and didn't really have to wait long - some more pictures came down, none of ours - but the deaf sweetie had turned up and she had four or five and she asked me to let her know when they were called - she had just got all hers and then they shifted the table outside.  Ginger turned up to help on the autograph table and we had a quick chat - she had some of her pics with her and let us see, then **Himber came in to check it over and shortly after, James came strolling in. 

He had changed into a black t-shirt for this session and looked good, not too tired but well charged.  There was a bit of a scramble at the start and none of the VIP had any problem charging infront of Niki or Char!!  and that included Ro...  so i urged them to go and they did.  i still had my deaf lady - CAN Somebody tell me her name?!!  i can't remember it, to my shame!!  She did tell me and i said it was a pretty name - porous brain here...

i said to Char, bugger this and just walked us up to the table and they let us in...  Char had brought a lovely real silver chain and another puzzle ring for him and he so loved the chain, he wore it the whole of the next day...  Carmilla MADE him a gorgeous bracelet and he wore that too, the sweetie...  damn, that girl is talented - i hate her!  pity she is such a love...!  anyway, James was realy nice to Char and i was pleased for her.   Then my turn and said to him, 'this isn't going to make much sense just now,' and gave him the battery pack, 'but these are for the Duck!'  He looked intrigued and laughed and said ok...  but i had two t-shirts for him - both Kurt Cobain ones, i didn't think he had and said they came from Thailand - turned the White one over to show him the pic and he said, 'they're great, you'll see me in these', so i hope i might one day...  but they are both large so hope they are not too big for him...  hard to judge with Thai stuff...   i held his hand for a few seconds and i said see you later and he smiled at me...  *le sigh*

We spoke briefly to Sami outside and she said she hated her picture and had torn it up!!   i had a quick word with Lene and Lynnie and told Lene what James said about the batteries - she said later when she gave him the Duck [ask her!], he laughed and remembered.  

We saw that more of the photos had arrived and we checked it out - Niki was sitting there in tears!  she thought that was it and we took time to reassure her she would see him that night and then again TWICE on Sunday!  Our pics were there and i had a quick glimpse of mine and quite liked it but where was the other?  As luck would have it, the photographer had come down and i asked her if it was in another envelope... what picture? she said - and when i explained and showed her the paper slip - remember the paper slip? - she said 'Oh God' - she had actually printed off the second one with Char and had it - 'do you live together' she said.  No i said, she lives in Alaska - 'Oh God' she said - and i live in the UK - 'OH GOD' - i took pity on her then and said, look, post them to Char and she will bring mine over in October when she comes to visit...  Wrote down Char's address and she made a note which ones we had and promised to do that...  [must check and see if they have arrived yet, i do want my original pose with James].

James & Himber had allowed some decent time for the Elijah Wood section and this allowed Char to get horizontal off her tail again and have a decent rest before the Concert at 2200.   Room service nosh again and very nice too...   i did go down to get some money and later to check out how the queue was going and found that someone had let the queue into the Theatre - Kim was entertaining the people and i went in to see what was happening.  i reminded them that two wheelchairs had to come in yet and one was already there [a Gold i think] - i had Sami reserve the chair next to her for the deaf sweetie, so she could see - missed her at the photos but she was ok and with people who looked after her.   Anyhow, it all worked out when we came down - for Char at least...   no damn body was moving for this fuckin' chicken and i wound up sitting by the damn door with Aria & her chum...

** We didn't wait long and Himber came in and announced James...  Still in black tee mode and in good form.   His set list is now including 'Lou' and i love it - funny and rocky and he did get round to singing 'Goodbye' this time but no Katie or Patricia.  We had let him know it was okay to talk about her and he was encouraged to tell us she is kind and intelligent and a good kisser!  Enough! we cried with laughter...  He sang the favourites and all of Civilised Man - but why does he wait and do 'Finer than Gold' as an encore tonight?  i managed to hold together until the last damn verse - i was far enough away from him - then i cried...    He pulled himself out of the moment and acknowledged the cheers and applause and as he came off the stage and up to me, i just put up my 'i love you' handsign - he stopped just long enough to wrap his hand around mine and kiss my fingers...   and bounced out.   i just melted...   

Steve called him back in and said i was going to give you a birthday cake tonight and these people know about that but as you had it last night, we are just going to sing Happy Birthday to you tonight - he also said, 'just so you didn't miss what he said, he just looked at me and said "You fucker!" - we roared with laughter but we started to sing, in full voice and with love...   He started off looking supremely unfomfortable but relaxed and let us sing to him...   and he waved and we clapped until he left.

We were tired but happy and Char said her goodnights and i took her up and helped her into bed.  When we were done, i said goodnight and decided it was too early to go to bed and rang down to see what L&L were doing and they said come hang out.   We wound up talking and laughing until pretty late and i finally crawled into bed about 2am....   Poor girls!  i must have bored them to tears, but it was real nice for me - thank you both, you Made the Con for me...  

Yes, Lene, i do write a lot, don't i?   Part Three tomorrow, last lap... and a sweet few seconds with James at the end.



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Sep. 11th, 2005 11:52 am (UTC)
Aw Damn Jill *blush* I should follow you around, you are great for the ego!! *snogs Jill*
Damn, that taxi ride though was a hilite of the weekend!!! ROFLMAO
Sep. 11th, 2005 12:28 pm (UTC)
*snogs Laura* right back attcha, babe!!

In a weekend of such mixed happenings and emotions, there were some truly brilliant highlites - that taxi ride definitely was one and the chill-out sessions after i had settled Char for the night, also were for me... it was great to be able to sit and chew over the day, you guys kept me sane and it was a delight to get to know you a little - hope we can do it again someday!!
Sep. 12th, 2005 07:38 pm (UTC)
Loving your reports LJ.
Sounds like you had a real good time.
But i do wish he'd sing 'Patricia'
I don't care what anyone says i like the song:)

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