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Saturday 26th July

Just nipping in to say 'Hi' and that i'm still here, still waiting for that Council permission...  *iz bald on one side of head, from pulling it*

To cheer myself up, i ordered 'Torchwood' Season 2 and it arrived this morning...  YAY!  Popped the Declassified disc to see James and it made my day - James for breakfast?  Well, yeah!  i'll be able to watch the last episode as much as i like now...  *happy sigh*

Hope you are all okay and healthy. 
Hope all your plumbing and refurbishments are all done and satisfactory, Ginger! 
That you aren't going crazy yet, Ulla, and work is still treating you ok?  i have a moving journal all written up for when i'm back online; it's going to be like reading a small novel, i think!!  Still it'll give you something to read on your nightshifts!
Nice to see you posting again, Ditto, keep it up and i'll be back soon i hope.

i'll let you know how long it's going to be as soon as i have the Word and can book the engineer to come and install me - presuming the Word is 'Yes'!  Keep me in your prayers and the good vibes flowing...
Luv you all!


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Jul. 26th, 2008 02:30 pm (UTC)
Hi Jill!!!
Hugs and smooches to you.

Glad to hear you haven´t gone bonkers over the internet-lessness.
Think I´m still sane, too. (Isn´t it a sign of insanity when you think you´re ok? Hmmm)

Cheering myself up with photoshopping and more photography. And planning a bankrobbery or such to get my hands on the NEW Nikon, D700 that is. SO tempting... The worst thing is that I´m really going to buy it. ;o) For Christmas if not sooner.

So forget what I wrote, I´m crazy...

Waiting for the novel,but just a small one? Jill, you can do better.

I´m editing my British Museum pics from May now, just like beeing there again, nice. AND I was in Helsinki and got loads of pics from there.

And I miss my James´s so I´ve been tweaking around with the smurfy ones from Borderline, not happy with the results yet...

I almost bought the season 2 Torchwood, but resisted.

Hows the weight and diet doing? Any news from the butcher, I mean doctor, yet? I´m gaining weight, not fast or much. But enought to piss me off and make me eat more icecream... Grrr!!!

Hope your stupid council hurries up. Can´t you get wireless where you live? The prices have really dropped here. Check it out!

Keep in touch, at least so we know you´re still breathing!
Jul. 30th, 2008 01:15 pm (UTC)
Wednesday 30th
Hi sweetie
Glad you are hanging in there! It's not easy when things or people conspire against you, is it? *checks out condition of shotgun to help Ulla rob bank*
i'm lucky in that all of the Council people i've met so far have been nice and as far as i can tell, totally on my side. i just wish the ones who are passing my satdish application down the line would HURRY UP!! It's been almost 5 weeks since my applicaiton went in and 6 weeks since i moved! Ye gods and little fishes! Time zips by so fast...
i'm looking at some photos of James and cursing because i can't copy them to to my hard drive... Nice to see some stills from 'Moonshot' are finally making their way to the Net! i'm suffering severe Jamesmissage and keep playing 'Small Favor'...
i have been so tempted to say stuff the TV and just grab as much Broadband width as i can and get it put on - but i know i may have a better chance of maximum width with Sky, so i'm holding on best i can until i hear from the Council. The lady who came to do the New Tenant inspection was most sympathetic and says she will check and see how it is going - and hurry them along if she can. Before i go totally ga-ga...
Weight is diminishing well but haven't weighed myself recently but will start doing that again next week - last weigh-in at the Doctors, i was 98 kgs, so they are very pleased with me.
Goddess willing, i should be back with you all - dare i say, shortly??
Take care xx
Jul. 27th, 2008 12:14 am (UTC)
*hugs* I'm sending you good thoughts.

No, the bathroom still isn't finished. Argh!

Miss you!
Jul. 30th, 2008 01:17 pm (UTC)
Thanks, darling, i need all i can get!

Ye gods, still not finished?? Wah! Beat them to a pulp and forbid them to enjoy it!!

i miss you so much... *sighs with equal parts frustration and resignation*

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