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Saturday 9th August

i have put pictures of my new place on PBase now, if you want to have a look...
www.pbase.com  'lovejames', of course.  There's a link on the left.

i watched the opening ceremonies of the Beijing Olympics yesterday - and i have never seen so many fireworks in my life!  It must have cost millions...  All those huge displays of people doing drumming, dancing and performing were quite mind-blowing but some of it, i felt, went on too long and to my astonishment, i got a little bit bored with it!  But all in all, quite an impressive display.  
What ruined it all for me was this massive display of wealth to impress the world - and people forced out of their homes to make way for a road to the stadium.  Those who protested were simply imprisoned.  Short and nasty.  The Chinese government is like a steamroller, if you don't like it, get out of the way or it will roll straight over the top of you.
At least if you protest here, you don't get locked up.   And don't get me started on ethnic minorities...or Tibet.

i must go find some food, i'm hungry...  i'm at the internet cafe again, of course... STILL waiting....

Later, guys, take care


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Aug. 12th, 2008 09:13 am (UTC)
Hi, Jill!

Haven´t watched a minute of the olympics yet! Quite proud to say that ;O)
I think the Olympics should be at the same place every time and the countries should share the costs. It´s crazy the way it is now.

That´s all I have to say about sport. My niece is in training for the London Olympics 2012. For Finland, she swims. And she is really really good I´ve heard. So if hse qualifies I have to go and cheer.

Your place looks homy! And I like the backyard/garden.

Any news about operation/ satellite dish?

I´ll have MRI or xray on my knee by the way. The doc though it might be the menisculus or some lose stuff inside the knee. So we´ll see. It feels better again, guess it´s why I have waited so long before going to the doctor, sometimes it´s pretty OK. And I don´t like doctors!
I like my new Walkstool, that foldable stool I got. Really great when you snap macro photos!
I´m going to visit my parents in Finland next week. Bonnie and I are off straight away when I get home from work on Monday morning. Should be back home the next Monday. Going to spend the first night at my sisters place in Turku, then we take the morning train to Kokkola, dad´s going to pick us up at the station.
It´s pretty late in the summer, but I hope the weather is still nice. We´ll stay for 3-4 days and then back home. Then I have a few days off at home before going back to work.

I had my dogs with me 2 years ago and they had a great time running around on the fields with the neighbours borzoi. The earth is almost red there, so Bonnie was pink when we got home! I´ll bring the dogshampoo this time!

Well, 3 hours to work. Then I´m going to snap some photos with a friend of mine. She bought a Nikon camera too and now she got a new lens. So we´ll have to give it a trial run! Pretty good weather, but it´s going to rain in the evening. Better to hurry out before that!

Aug. 12th, 2008 02:00 pm (UTC)
i'm delighted to say two gold medals to GB ladies so far! Nicole Cook was our first in the cycle road race - dreadful conditions, torrential rain! - and our 200th in the Olympics, so yay Nicole!
Good luck to your niece and if she goes, i'll be sure to cheer for her.
i hope you enjoy your visit to your folks, you always seem to have a good time!
i got soooooooo tired of waiting patiently for news of the satellite dish, i rang them this morning and the lady said a letter had been posted to me yesterday, so i should get it tomorrow. She went and asked the surveyor what the answer was and he said he thought it was Yes, off the top of his head [why couldn't he have looked it up?]. So fingers crossed for tomorrow morning. Then hope i get it all up and running before i go into hospital!

And yes, still waiting for letter from surgeon's secretary too, but a waste of time ringing to hassle her as it really is just a question of waiting until a little closer to the time. They have to wait for until he gets through the bookings he already has and they may have cancellations or emergencies etc. Have to be patient on that one! But it's not easy.

Take care, honey, and hopefully i will have good news soon.
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