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Friday 22nd August

Just a quickie post to say i am still here...

The router for Sky Broadband arrived today, good-oh [still waiting for letter giving me the activation date though], but ain't there always a downside??  The Ethnet cable is the only thing they have to connect to computer but honey, i don't have an ethnet hole to put it in!!  *No rude comments, please!*   Rang Sky but no they don't sell the adapter...  Luckily i was coming in here to pick up my little darling [now all fixed with more memory] and i knew they'd have one.  Turns out they have two options, bless their little cottons, the adapter and an ethnet card that can be fixed into the pc and thus cable plugged in to that.  i'm going with the card, as it is better to have a direct contact and it's also cheaper than the adapter.  *Pats clever little computer man*   He is doing that for me while i am online in his 'cafe'.

i'm going to treat myself to a night away to a special dinner on the 13th September but i'll tell about that when i've been - i am still waiting to hear from the Surgeon's secretary.  i suppose the longer i wait to hear from her, the later it is going to be.  Which will probably mean that unless she will fix a date with me for a couple of weeks in advance, i should have about a month to get ready.   Which will also mean that i should be able to go to Collectormania 14 - Michael Rosenbaum and [if he doesn't cancel] Adam Baldwin, plus quite a few interesting peeps.
Just have to bide my soul in patience;  not something i'm good at!!   i just want her to HURRY UP!  It's like sitting under the Sword of Damaclese [sp?] and waiting for the candle to burn through the rope...  agonising...
i hope it's soon as walking is getting increasingly painful and i can barely bend my knee at all.  It aches so much in the evening that i am having difficulty getting off to sleep.  Such a bugger...

Well, must go and pay for the work on my little darling and call a cab to go home and put her back where she belongs.
Have a great weekend, my dears - i miss you all