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Monday 1st September

And it's a beautiful, fresher, sunny one just now - but we are told it could rain tonight.  Ok, it rained last night too...  *was cool in more ways than one!*   On a wet note, i saw two comparative pictures in the paper yesterday of a reservoir that had been 3/4 empty two years ago and is notw pretty much full.  That gives a pretty clear picture of the oddness of our British weather, i think.  Drought is not something i would ever have associated with Britain, at any time but things do change.  Mind you, getting warmer is something that would have happened anyway, as we get ever closer to the sun.
What i want to know is, what happens when Venus falls into the sun?  How will that affect the Earth?  It will take more years than anyone can predict i'm thinking, talking in millions of years but it's gonna happen one day.

Love Kazzy's new icons.  The one above makes me smile as i write with my left hand and do most single-handed tasks with it.  But being ambidextrous, it seems to confuse people when they see me write left handed, 'cos i don't write upside down as a lot of lefties do.  i simply turn the paper slightly sideways and it's easy.   You do very nice work, my dear... i have snagged many of your icons over the years!

Oh, while i remember - Lise, have you seen this picture of Georges?  It's in Patcave's Flicker stream, with some nice pics of James.  Link here   http://flickr.com/photos/patcave/


i'm so impatient for pictures of James, i'm really greedy - i more, MORE!!  SO pleased Ginger got into the dinner party...

Decided to do the little bit of shopping i have to do tomorrow.   i had a bit of a fractured sleep towards the morning and at 6am was so uncomfortable, after half an hour i got up and took some painkillers and went back to bed again.  i slept as soon as they kicked in, don't even remember...  Woke about 9am and felt a lot better for that, although i feel as though i could do a nap now.   That is not like me, but maybe i'm just getting old and get tired faster.  *shakes head*

Apart from that and the knee, i'm in pretty good shape - Touch wood!!  i've been incredibley lucky over the years to stay so healthy.  i guess you could say i've worked at it, even though i haven't always eaten heathily, i have always taken vitamin supplements and cod liver oil capsules.   i dislike so many vegetables and am pepper/capsicum intolerant - and this diet doesn't help banning my two favourite ones, peas & carrots, way too carby at present.  i will get back to them in small doses eventually and i will be able to eat fruit again!  i have missed that more than chocolate [which i have always eaten sparingly] and even my beloved Ben & Jerrys Cherry Garcia!   Hagen Daz do a wonderful Pralines & Cream to die for...  Sorry!  Got distracted there!   i have always had a nice crisp apple cut up in my salads, and will again i'm sure, but i have missed it a lot!
When i get to Phase 2 of the diet, i will be allowed all berries again, which will be nice.  i'm not that crazy about strawberries and have to be in the mood and raspberry seeds get stuck in my teeth!  i do love the flavour of raspberries though.   But i really like black & red currants, blueberries - can you class cherries as a berry?  LERV cherries...
i must weigh myself tomorrow, i'm curious to know what i am now - even with the ice cream cheat last week!

i must go do domestic stuff and sweep the floors - it's delightful, only takes 10 minutes!  Then i will catch up on the magazine sections of yesterday's paper...   i kinda like being semi-retired!
Take care, people


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Sep. 1st, 2008 04:47 pm (UTC)
Thank you for the kind comments about the icons :)

I saw your previous post with the photos as I was rushing out the door this morning. I've been staring at a computer screen all day, but I'll see what I can do later in the week. ;)
Sep. 1st, 2008 11:38 pm (UTC)
No rush, babe... you'll only wind up hurting yourself! But i know about the staring at a screen for hours; i do it happily for hours, 'specially if it's James... :D
Sep. 2nd, 2008 04:51 pm (UTC)
Hi babe,
Glad that Landlord has sorted out his plumbing now and that the rooms are let.Hopefully that will cut down on your running around now that your knee is worse. Love the piccy of Georges.I left him a message today so I hope he gets back to me soon and gives me the low down on Dragoncon!

What was James wearing? *Shakes Head* I'll be his stylist!!

*Sings* One more week to go.Kids are back to school soon and as much as I love them,I can't wait. School kit shopping saturday and this is often worse than trying to shop at a Harrods new years sale!

Glad to finally have some sun, at least we know it is still there! This summer has been the worst .
I spoke to Sue on facebook this morning and we are hoping to catch up on the saturday at C14.We've also made plans to go to Starfury's T1 and BBM next year.Just hope that I can get a twin room in the Hilton booked!
Put your feet up and relax pet.
Miss ya!
Lise xxx
Sep. 2nd, 2008 06:57 pm (UTC)
No sooner had i rejoiced at all the rooms let, when this dolly changed her mind and i have shown three people this late pm... That'll teach me to count my chickens before the ink's dry on the paper! Still, it won't be long as Uni is starting again soon too.

Luck on the school shopping! i don't like sales much, unless there is something i'm willing to fight for!

Glad you managed to talk to Sue; i haven't heard from her in a while, though i've sent her a couple of emails. i don't get onto Facebook much.

If i don't hear from the surgeon's lot this week, i'm going to assume i'm going to CM14 and buy a picture ticket for Michael Rosenbaum. Hopefully i will see both of you there.

Take care, babe xxx

Edited at 2008-09-07 12:55 am (UTC)
Sep. 2nd, 2008 07:06 pm (UTC)
Isn't that just typical? I hope that you aren't kept waiting by the potential roomies tonight and that the rooms get filled.
I haven't heard from Sue for a while either so todays message was a nice surprise. *Hops up and down* I'm hoping you make it to C14,which is selfish of me,but I also hope you get your knee op, pulled in two directions there babe!I'm sure you'll have oe of your mean machines booked up should you go though, (Just make sure there are strapping young men around to help you out of the auto queues! *Sniggers*
Sep. 2nd, 2008 11:26 pm (UTC)
No, they were all on time and they all came, some earlier than others... Landlord thinks it was to steal a march over each other! We shall see if any of them actual do want it. Though a couple of them seemed quite keen, one lassie only wanted it for 3 months. She'll only get it if we can't get someone for longer, which i seriously doubt. It is much more of a renter's market now.
i know what you mean about CM14. i want to go but i want this op too. But like i said, it would have to be arranged soon for me NOT to go now. i mean, they have to give me time to make arrangements and it can't be just a couple of weeks, y'know?
i will have to book my scooter pretty soon, if i am coming, probably Monday next if i haven't heard by then. i will probably only come for the one day, Saturday - are you going to do any more?
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