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And it's Tuesday...

i haven't put up any pictures recently of things that catch my eye, so i'm catching up today.  First up some spectacularly eyecatching nail decorations...  the article was doing a what's-going-up-and-what's-going-down fashion comparison - i don't agree with most of it.  i guess mostly because i'm not a dedicated follower of fashion - only where it actually suits ME.  Anyway, it doesn't say who makes the finger decorations, sorry.  i wouldn't mind some myself!
The next is a truly decadent lipstick from YSL, Rouge Volupte £20;  just goreous colour

The next are shoes - of course!  i'm a real shoe fan;  just call me Imelda!  Two boots first, the first by Ralph Lauren in a super red suede, with killer heels [and a killer price £650!], and the second, an ankle boot in a wonderful embroidered collection of colours by Alexander McQueen [also killer price £600] but a glorious boot.  Those heels are DANGEROUS!
The third is an Armani shoe - didn't know they made them - that is so simply elegant, it took my breath away.  Not that i'd pay £259 for them either but i wish i could afford them - and be able to wear heels again.  Who knows, post op i may be able to do that again?

i am including a couple of dresses that caught my eye, firstly just for the beauty of the fabrics, before the design of the dress.
This grey & flame little cracker is by Naeem Khan.
Then we have Monique L Huillier with a white & gold/brown design - gorgeous - and two more Naeem Khans, beautiful fabrics. i'm also including a Carlos Miele that i love...

What does interest me is the fact that most women can wear these designs - you don't have to be stick-thin or the dreadful emaciated Size 0.  It is a shame that the fashion industry continues to demand models starve themselves, so they can use less fabric - it is so ridiculous because it doens't bring the price down!
And for a bit of absolute nonsense, did you see this??  Yes, it's made out of condoms...  i just had to giggle at it!

My final picture is James' 'Piccolo', showing the remarkable make-up that i think really works.  Well done, James, for insisting it wasn't made prettier.   'Dragonball' may just work after all.

That's it for now, my dears, but i'm in the middle of a James restrospective that i may just publish later.
Have a great day!


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Sep. 23rd, 2008 07:21 pm (UTC)
I'm just relieved he's not green!
Sep. 23rd, 2008 08:47 pm (UTC)
Ditto!! Hi! Where have you been??

i've missed you... Did you get your house sorted and are you well now and...and... tell me all!! Not necessarily here, you can email me jill.crossley@sky.com

*big hugs*
Oct. 3rd, 2008 08:52 pm (UTC)
Hiya, I'm still not online. I'm living at my sisters in the boxroom (not quite the garrett lol). Gotta look on the bright side...it's very cheap. :D I'm as well as can be expected (an o' crock in other words) and still not properly online yet, but hope to be soon then I'll be back! :D

I spend all my days either gardening at daughters or gardening at mothers or gardening at sons (where my granpiggles are and the rotten dog who waylays me and makes me take him for a hike!)

I miss the old days of being onine virtually 24/7! ;)
Oct. 4th, 2008 10:14 pm (UTC)
Hello, sweetie!

i dunno why you have wound up living at your sisters but i hope you are happy and well enough. i lost track of you except for the odd guarded word from DeeDee - and you never have enough privacy to say anything personal at cons & gigs. All i could do was say 'send her my best' amd that was it.
i hope you do return to us when you can, like i said you're missed... :D
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