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Toronto, Part 3

Part 3 - Sunday 28th August

Last Day [sounds like Logan's Run..] but it didn't feel that way... i had the same breakfast again and left the rest of the food and milk there for the room attendant, didn't have a lot of change on me... i had to get some cash for my taxi that night but i knew where the Bank of Canada was, so no worries - asked the Intercon later that afternoon if they had one in the Hotel, no but there was one very close across the street, said the Doorman, pointing to Texas Jack's... simple.

i packed up all my gear and brought everything over with me as i had booked my taxi from the Intercontinental that night to the Airport.

I didn't rush and deliberately left enough time for Spicy to contact Char and she did. They went and had a bite together and i don't know what was said, only that she apologised in part to Char, that was what i really cared about - that no apology was made then or after, or at any time since, to Me, and apparently will not be forthcoming. i guess that doesn't matter as i am unlikely to see her again or have anything more to do with her whatsoever ever again... What Char does with the person who was supposed to be her friend, is entirely up to her.

Char has told Rob bits as time goes on and i gather he is Not Pleased to put it mildly... i'd be as pissed as hell, if someone did that to my mother and want to know why the person supposed to be looking after her, simply walked off and left her in a fit of pique...

I called Char to make sure i wasn't interrupting anything and went on up - we sat and 'chewed the fat' until it was time for us to go down. To my surprise, it had rained quite a bit...

Q&A today was back in Theatre 1 - Like before we were going to join the line a bit later, not a lot of point sitting like cheese at 4p until we went in, knowing where we were going to be. But when we got down there, crowds milling about and going into the Theatre but not for James!! We were directed upstairs to an anteroom and divided into VIPs and Silvers - lots of them. There were chairs there and we sat and nattered and took pics and Char got to hang out with people, which pleased her a lot.

We eventually got the word to make out way downstairs and wait for the rest, so we went down in the life and Niki & Linda were already waiting next to the wall opposite the door, we just slotted in beside them and i propped my bum against the wall and we stayed there, while the previous audience came out and we could get in ourselves.

**We got ourselves seated and the rest of the VIPs, followed by Silvers came in and then when we were seated, Himber appeared like a genie and announced that the Autographs were going to be in the same place as the photos had been the day before. And now welcome, James...

And boy, did we!!! i didn't see at the time, but reports say the Silvers all got to their feet to welcome him, nice....

Again a lovely session and we did get a few of the Buffy questions but in the main, they were reasonable and the audience was restrained - the 'old hands' gracefully allowing other questioners by not raising their hands, unless they had a particularly up-to-date question, if you know what i mean... that sounds a bit patronising but it wasn't...

James in the black t-shirt and jeans again - and to our delight, wearing Char's beautiful silver chain!! quite made her day... James was fiddling with it quite a lot and i am not sure if the catch wasn't done up properly or he broke the catch but it suddenly came loose... he caught it and put it carefully but casually in his pocket, not making a big thing of it - but spoke to Char later about it.

Londonbadass took her courage in her hands and asked him if he would play her guitar a little bit - "Sure, all i need is a pick" he said, explored and found one... He settled on the table and started to play a few chords to see what it was like and lo! and behold, started to strum, humming a little to it... She was as delighted as we were - no, strike that!! far more! She took her phone out of her pocket and took a pic of James - Himber appeared and came round and took it off her - she thought she had done wrong until he waved her into the shot!!! He got such a round of applause for that, i can't tell.... very sweet... Quite a few took shots of it and she must have a collection by now! i know Pandis took a few, i have them on my pc!

There will be transcipts of this session too, i have no doubt but i will remember the sweetness of this man and his apparent love for his fans... He finished and waving, left to have a quick respite until signing the autographs, which followed closely.

The Q&As never seem to take much time and are always over too soon... we were so spolit, having three in one weekend... two concerts, three autograph sessions and a photo session - such riches... i haven't had such a lot of fun for such a long time - yeah, it had it's moments that sucked but they were nothing to do with Himber [apart from the Dinner That Wasn't] or James. Hobbling barefoot around the cold floor of the Intercontinental lobby trying to get a new key or closing my eyes so i couldn't see them carry Char down into the dim, dingy little bar would qualify... or watching Spicy pretend Char wasn't sitting on the pavement, while i took her shopping in....

We didn't have time to do anything else, so got ourselves downstairs for the Autograph queue... long line snaking back to the lift area [closer than where we came down, but went back up that way]... i did my usual 'bugger this' and just rolled Char up to the front and stood talking to Niki and Linda, **James came round and sat at the table, getting his suplies and pens organised and when he was ready Niki went up and i started organised our stuff to give to James etc...

He stole a march on me and Niki went through faster than i thought, so got Char up quick! He was explaining he had been wearing her chain all day, it was so lovely and he had been fiddling with it but it was okay, it was just the catch... Char had two little silver boxes for him to put this and the ring in and i dug them out of the bottom of her bag for her... both solid silver and i warned him they were soft and stepped back.. Char talked to him, giving him her Saturday photo to sign and he was thrilled with the boxes and said how great they were, turning them over in his hands. He wanted somewhere to display the silver jewellery and like that, very nice - held her hand for a bit. i regrouped and found my pic i wanted signing and the little gift i had for him... then when she was done, i just moved her slightly to my right [but close enough to hear etc] so i was standing in front of him, if you know what i mean...

He picked up the photo of the two of us from Satuday and said with delight 'That's a good one!' and signed it. i agreed with him actually, even i like it... He then picked up the little bottle - i had spent a while trying to find some pure sandalwood oil for him, it smells so beautifully when it is skin-warmed.. and found some of an acceptable quality, so i brought that for him... wrapped it carefully in bubble wrap so it wouldn't leak but you could see what it was.. i told him what it was anyway, saying not sure if you would wear something like that but he said, no, he knew about sandalwood oil and it was beautiful, and thank you. Wow... a result...

i said i was looking forward to seeing him on the stage in London and i put out my hand and he took it, gently squeezing, and said 'thank you, i hope it will be ok' and i said 'i'm sure it will be great' - for which i got another lovely smile and another squeeze... i picked up my photo and started to turn away and he suddenly said 'That's a very pretty sweater' - black with two dragonflies in multi-coloured beads down the front - i was taken by surprise and i must have looked it, as i said 'Thank you', smiled back at him and hoofed it...

i am always so conscious of all the other people waiting to go through and patiently waiting for us to get out of the way!! seriously, you try to have your moment and it is a delicate balancing act, trying say what you want but not to pad it out, or read the Encyclopedia to him... i never want to leave him but i know i must... he's mine for such a little time - my thirty seconds, if i am lucky... then he gives tiny pieces of himself to the other 672 waiting for him... goddess, what generosity... no wonder we love him for it...

Well, the rest of the afternoon was busy too - We had seen food vendors outside and Char opted for a cheeseburger and i had a hotdog - took us a while in the queue but ok and we chatted to a couple of lads who were waiting there too and were doing the Expo, much interest in our badges and VIP pics with James. We were looking for Niki & Linda but missed them in the crush... anyway, we went back upstairs and ate and during that Linda phoned, sorry to miss you - so we said come on up and visit for a bit and they did. Niki is a sweetie and Linda usual doting mum, very nice ladies... stay well, guys! Char wasn't leaving until the following day but i was leaving that night - she needed help with her stuff and i offered to pack her bags. She was pleased about that and i set to... when i thought Lynnie & Laura would be out of the queue, i rang down to their room and yes, they were out - so i suggested they come up and chill until they did whatever they were doing later!

They came up shortly after and brought Scooter, hi babe! i continued packing while they recounted their line experiences and when i was finished, we took pictures of each other and rolled on the bed laughing... Such foolishness is fun... They were all going out to dinner up the CN Tower, but not till later.... we had some fun and then time to go, said goodbye and i will see Lynnie & Scooter in London - then they all went off to get ready... i still had a little time and i left Char to go get the cash for the taxi and when i came back Pandis, Krista and some of their crew were standing in the lobby, waiting for Laura & Lynnie. So i got to say goodbye to them and Pandis, whom i will see again in London too.

Back up and checked Char didn't need anything else, check my stuff over and said good bye to her. She is coming to stay with me for a few days before we go to London.

My taxi was waiting when i got downstairs and we set off in good time around 1900. i sat in the back and tried not to cry, leaving people always makes me emotional... such a softie... Arrived and as soon as i got through the door, a lady porter asked me if i needed assistance - so she popped me into the chair and we got checked in very quickly. She took me up to security and then changed over to a male porter who took me up to the Gate. Thanks, mate.

Went to the loo, all very clean. Walked round Duty Free and bought a little mug with Toronto on it for Kevin, our Sous Chef - no idea, don't ask... spent the rest of my Canadian dollars on some maple flavoured biscuits... went and read my book by the gate. Not long after a solo lady sat down and was inclined to chat; fine, no probs - she was a Canadian living in Britain, over for a family wedding - now returning... showed me the photos of the wedding, bless her...

Time passed quickly and i was called to board the plane early so i could take my time, thank you... i was in a two-seater aisle this time and was joined by an Indian lady who spoke three words of English, one of them was Gujerati (sp?), and i understood... she didn't eat anything at all but had some water later.

i don't remember a lot about chunks of the return journey - i should have finished my journal and although i did write some, my attention was wandering too much to concentrate - we had some dinner, totally unmemorable (beef something i think) and the films were ancient [the later one was Star Trek II, the Wrath of Khan for heaven's sake!!] - got out my Janet Evanovich novel - thank you, goddess! - and just read... about three hours into the flight, my companion was trying to sleep and kept jabbing my thigh with her brand new sneakers, with nice thick soles... i gave up and went walkabout... got some apple juice from one of the Stewards and mentioned my restless lady... he said i could move if i liked, as he thought the seats by the exit door were vacant, the male occupant prior having moved next to a friend... we returned and he got my stick from the overhead locker and carried my backpack [he was stronger than he looked!!] and i was installed in comfort - wonderful... i even managed to get in a snooze or two, very restfull...

We had a bite of breakfast and coffee and landed in good time at Heathrow at 10.30 am local time.

Said goodbye to the crew and thank you - and meant it. Air Canada's planes may need urgent upgrading but most of their staff are excellent.

Chairs arrived in good time and i got the lad who took me to the plane when i left - Hi, there!! nice lad... He took me and got my bag, asked where i wanted to be - ATM for some sterling and then the information desk - i had a job finding my mobile but did and rang Skycaps - yes, would meet me at the ID and by the time i got my cash, the bloke had arrived. i was impressed but not very with him... he was slower than a wet week and a man he knew who worked there, came down with us to the train and they talked incessantly all the way down, and if they walked any slower, i would still be there now!! Eventually, we got there and i waited for the train. One of the Customer Service staff got on the radio to have someone meet me at Paddington and help with my bags.

Train came and i then found out about the inequality of prices on that service to my great annoyance and i let the ticket bloke know about it too, daylight robbery....

Things then started to go downhill fast and there was nobody waiting for me at Paddington... so i eventually shuffled off the platform and hailed a porter. i wanted him to take care of my bag while i went downstairs to the loo - but he took me to a disabled one, no steps, bless him... and he waited till i emerged and put me in the taxi line. I got the third one and off to Kings Cross. i was an hour over the time i should have caught my train by the time i arrived - and there was no way the official on the platform was going to let me on - i had to go pay full fuckin' fare to get home... bastard in the Qjump office lied his nasty little head off... cost me another £28 over the £55, for the full return fare, the sods... no, they didn't care it really wasn't my fault, pay up, lady and look pleasant... i was too tired to care by then... at least i got on the next train, which was standing in at the station by then... and left about 15 minutes later.

i had part of my book to finish and i started dozing over it several times... finished it and dozed some more, which shortened the journey somewhat. Got into York station, faster than going via Leeds and worked out which lift i needed for which platform and arrived in good order. Train wasn't there yet, so bought a pint of milk and sat on the platform till it got in... climbed aboard as soon as it was ready and arrived back here about 16.30 - taxi home, yawning constantly...

i had the next day off so i took out what i needed, had a bite of dinner and crashed into bed...

Spent a large part of the next day sleeping, unpacking and sleeping again... but it took me the best part of three days to feel normal again. Hate jet-lag. Why does it only affect me one way?

Never mind... sorted out my digital pictures & got them up - then took in the one film i had on Saturday, some on it were ok. Had the odd pic i liked but it is really only for my own enjoyment with such wonderful photographers attending the Expo... Maybe i'll get to see some of it one day!! 


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Sep. 12th, 2005 12:59 am (UTC)
Thanks for the reports and it does sound as though it ends way to fast.
Sep. 12th, 2005 10:54 pm (UTC)
It always does, petal! Never want to leave James or my lovely girls... You meet new people all the time and it is a wonderful celebration.
You hang in there - you have been having a rough time but as we have just observed, nothing lasts forever. Small comfort when you want to kill someone i know...
take care
Sep. 12th, 2005 07:52 pm (UTC)
Thanks for sharing your reports:)
Despite the problems i hope you had a good time:)
See you in London ^.^

Sep. 12th, 2005 10:57 pm (UTC)
Re: Toronto
You are more than welcome, m'dear! and yes, even with the bad - the good was SO good - and James was wonderful... yes, i know he always is but he was in such a good mood - work was going well, he has a lady in his life he cares very much about and his adoring fans were talling him yet again that they loved him too.. what more could you want?
looking forward to seeing you in London, little one! Are you enjoying James' Arse hunt?!!
kissy, kissy
Sep. 14th, 2005 08:17 pm (UTC)
Just caught up with all your reports sweetie - I lov hearing about what you did, not just what James did (does that make sense?). It's just as interesting, and actually tells me more about what happened - I live vicariously through your descriptions which suits me!! LOL!! Thanks for posting such detailed reports!
Sep. 15th, 2005 07:33 pm (UTC)
Yes, that makes sense! and i know what you mean... i started writing detailed reports for my girlfriends when i went travelling, in letter form first, then on computer - so much easier and they know where they can catch up with me at a moments notice...
it is my experience, people either love the detail or find it dreadfully boring... i guess also it is a factor if you actually know the person or not... but they were written originally for those who know me well...
i am told i write the way i speak - goddess help you all!!
take care, sweets
Sep. 17th, 2005 10:20 pm (UTC)
Great reports, thanks for sharing them! It sounds like you had (mostly) a great time and that JM was his usual sweet self. ;-)
Sep. 18th, 2005 05:54 pm (UTC)
Thank you, honey... all these occasions have their ups and downs and usually the ups outweigh the rest - this certainly was the case here. James really does have a lovely nature although i know he would disagree! But he has always been sweet to his fans.
take care,
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