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Collectormania 14 - 27th September 08

Hi guys!

i've put some photos up on my Pbase for Collectormania 14 - i'm in the middle of doing a report on on it now.



Oct. 1st, 2008 03:09 pm (UTC)
LOL i can't see that working somehow! His excuse is 'if i hug you, i have to hug everyone' and in his case, it's a valid point.
Michael had the 'No Posed photos' sign up and the steward said you were one of the few he let have a photo - i said maybe it's because i had a bought one as well this morning and he remembers that [i actually had a black top on for the photo op and had changed into the white with orange butterflies to do the one with Morena]; i think he liked me. i added it up, photo op + 2 autographs = £60, so yeah, he likes me!!

Seriously, for some unknown reason, we 'clicked' and i had a genuine connection with him. i said 'come back' on Sunday and he had a yellow post-it note that said 'i like UK and i'm coming back!' which he picked up and showed me, which made me laugh. Nice guy...

It's funny how some photos you think won't be good at all can turn out really well.