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Sep. 12th, 2005

It is Monday 12th September, already!

Had an appointment with the consultant Mr Grogan, this afternoon about having a hip replacement done.
There are some things the NHS is still good for and if you can get in, with good cause, it can be helpful.

My right hip is the 'good' one of course, as i stand on my right leg all the time, as most of you will know - what with the left one being useless to stand on for any length of time.

So i go see him - he was held in surgery, not a good start but eventually arrived an hour after my appointment was due. i was second on his list. Youngish bloke, appeared competant. The taxi driver actually gave the place a good rep and said famous sportsment come here...
Anyhow, i got in to see him and he looked me over, asked a lot of questions and sent me down the corridor for X-Rays. When i came back, he said immediately you are by no means the worst i have ever seen and there are others in a worse condition than you - but i definitely have a case for getting a new hip. There are some variables however that i need to take into consideration. First, given the amount of pain, not only in the actual hip joint (so strange looking at an Xray of your own bones, don't you think), but in the surrounding area of back, pelvis & groin, what he suggested we do first is put a pain blocking shot [cocktail of stuff including steroids? serious pain stuff anyway] into the hip joint, with local anaesthesia, of course! Let that wear off and after 3-4 hours, when i should be normal again, see how the shot blocks out the pain from the hip. And leave me to assess all that and mull it over, for about two weeks, then have me come in again and discuss/reassess.

What i will be thinking about is
1. just how much the shot blocked the pain - if completely or was there still some residual not coming from the hip but spine etc
2. if completely, then it is the hip and that is what it will be like if we replace the hip joint.
3. if it doesn't, that means i do have pain coming in from other places, and although the joint would be good, i would still need to do something about the rest of it, [and it probably wouldn't be anything he could fix by surgery - or so that was what i was reading from him *shrugs* i could be wrong]
4. This is not some wart removal or even a hysterectomy - this is on the level of major surgery like having my gall bladder removed... i need to think about that
5. The after effects - how long does this keep me mobile? we all know about the disposable society but they do try to make this sorta stuff last. Even then i would, i think, be looking at a possible 10 years? depends on how it goes and how i look after myself - maybe more - which would be good. This last part is what we have not discussed as yet.

i think i surprised him when he manipulated my left leg [he was comparing them i think and testing to see if i needed surgery on that too - i do but not now], as he had assumed when i walked in, it was that one i needed him to look at... i think it had an effect on him, though he covered it well... to what end, i am not sure.. What did surprise me, he has not mentioned weight at all yet.

The final thought for the day is this, only you know the pain you are in. They can guess and given the medical knowledge and expertise, it can be a good one. You are still the expert here on yourself and only you know what pain you can stand and for how long. Which brings me neatly to the next bit, i need to think about. i am now at the maximum of painkillers i can take at this strength - to block more pain, i would need stronger ones. The ones i take, while only being Ibuprofen and Co-Codamol, are of a sufficient strength to make me want to doze, a couple of hours after i take them [especially if i eat too and i need to do that, because the pills will make me feel sick on an empty tummy... Catch 22] - if i take stronger ones, i may fall alseep without meaning to - and i don't think the Hotel will think much of that... (My General Manager, is being very supportive, which is nice - not surprising when he tells you his wife is facing a second knee replacement! and knows something of what you are facing)...

Well, i will go sleep on that... i'll let you know how it turns out...


Sep. 13th, 2005 11:48 pm (UTC)
Thanks, Ditto, i have already progressed to the drugs [and the stick!] as i wouldn't be able to move without them... *shrugs* quality of life, i guess - good luck on the Xrays, mine could have been a lot worse...
Ostio is no fun but it could always be worse!!
Enjoy your life now, don't wait for next year - life is too damn short...
take care, pet