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Newspaper Nudes

i don't know if you have seen this artist before, Natasha Archdale - i was reminded of her again when this article appeared in my Sunday Times...  i think she is VERY good and her pictures are terrific.

So.  How are we this late Tuesday night?  Well, i had an at-home day today, catching up on my paperwork, making a few phonecalls and arranging matters for the time i'm taking 'off' to cover hospitalisation and recuperation.   It is actually hard to estimate just how long i am going to be - how shall i say... incapacitated? 
Everything and every opinion varies from the post operative time of 4-9 days [guess who will be pushing to go home in 4 days] to about 3 weeks before you are fit to walk outside.   Even the surgeons' opinions differ as to whether you should take it easy and let it all heal or get walking on it asap
'The first few weeks' on crutches - hey, what happened to walking on it?
Post-op pain can take 4 weeks, with some swelling & pain upto 6 months!  Ridiculous... Up to 4 weeks, i can understand, you need to let it all heal.  But there would have to be something wrong for that sort of pain to last up to 6 months surely?
Anyway, then you are able to do light household dusting and washing dishes but they class vacuuming [i sweep my floors] and BED MAKING as heavy duties?!  and avoid for 3 months!!  How can you avoid making your bed for 3 months?!
i think making beds is easy, especially when you have raised the level as i have and use fitted bottom sheets.  i don't tuck in sheets, blankets and such, too restrictive and duvets don't either, in colder weather;  it all just drapes... 
i'm not allowed to stand up for long periods and have to avoid bending down or stretching up in the kitchen - how can you avoid bending down?  You need to do that when you sit on the loo!  But no stretching, i get that.  i have to move stuff to between head & waist height in the kitchen - it's not for that long.  Fine, i can do that.  Pans can sit on the stove and i can leave plate, bowl and mixing bowl on the sink drainingboard.   i have raised my fridge two feet off the floor onto a small two-drawer unit already and my DVDs are in easy reach, as are all my books.
i have a long mechanical 'grabber' that i use for thing up out of my reach and that i drop on the floor, which will be very useful.
Then after all this no bending advice, they immediately say look after your feet and keep your nails trimmed!  How the hell are you to cut your toenails without bending anything???  Bloody hell....
Well, the only thing i can say is, i'll manage, 'cos y'know what?  You always do somehow.
Have a good rest and sleep well, dear Flist