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Buzzy Multimedia

i have posted a link to Buzzy's new blog site - they have been consistently up-to-date with information on the Dresden Files and i have bought most of the audiobooks from them.   The only one i've bought here is 'Small Favor' directly from Penguin Audio, mostly to show them just how popular they are in the UK, with James Marsters voicing them!

i buy Jim Butcher's books here, usually from Amazon.co.uk [i have several on pre-order as we speak], as it saves on postage and i get the best prices from them - it's ruinous from the States!  But frequently Buzzy's low prices make them competative on the Audiobooks, even with overseas postage.

i'm really looking forward to April 2009 and getting the next in the series - can't wait!!  It's been a bleak Autumn without anything majorly James...  The only communication we've had is the October Q&A - absolutely nothing else from him.  Oh, i know he's probably doing the swan thing, feet paddling furiously underneath, but i am really feeling the James 'missage', as Inky Jane puts it!   Gotta feed your fans, Little Brother - we're starving out here and we miss you!