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Vogue November 08

My lovely friend Lisa brought me a Vogue just before i left hospital and i devoured it from cover to cover.  It isn't something i buy normally as it is expensive - i mean, nearly £4 for a magazine??!!    But i occasionally will buy something like it to keep an eye on what is currently 'happening' on the fashion scene.
i have to admit fashion is something i hardly ever wear and stick to the things i know will suit me.  Same with colours, which helps when you buy a new jacket or blouse as you know it will fit in with the rest of your wardrobe.

i am actually in the middle of doing some washing, first time since i came home and i'm managing pretty well, with the help of my backpack!  i do hate having to ask for help with things and will have to wait until i come off crutches to sweep and mop my floors, but have to say, it really doesn't bother me much.

Anyway, back to Vogue.  This month's edition is heavy on the accessories and there are some nice things in amongst the sheer rubbish they try to shove down our throats...  i mean this collection of t-shirts are nothing special and the only pattern i like is the Balenciaga - at least the picture is by an artist [even if i have never heard of him].  But honestly, i would NEVER pay that sort of money for a damn t-shirt!  There's only three under £100 and the rest are £250-£455, absolutely ridiculous...  the Balenciaga is the cheapest of the more expensive ones.
The bags are are at least prettier and 3 are more affordable;  the rest you're talking phone numbers!  i do like the two Jimmy Choos and the patriotic Alexander McQueen but not at those prices, babe.
The same can be said of the shoes - yes, i know, me and Imelda...
i love the Alexander McQueens and like the zip detail on the Jimmy Choos - though they'd all cripple me in about 5 minutes!
i love the elegant and clean lines of the jacket;  even all those button don't clutter it up amazingly and for a cream leather jacket, it's not hidiously extravegant, though i'd prefer it in a darker colour.  The little Matthew Williamson silk mini dress has some lovely colours but £695??  C'mon, man...  who can afford this stuff? 
The last little top is something i bought through my home shopping catalogue and was much more modestly priced, although not cheap.  It does look nice on and dressy but the sparkles tend to fall off [luckily it has heaps on it!] and you can tell where you're been!

That last dress by John Galliano is the only time i've heard of a perfume bottle inspiring a dress design!  Apparently he liked it so much he created the dress for the advertising campaign.

Last picture is an ad for a very eyecatching jewellery set by Picchiotti [never heard of them/him/her], modelled by a lovely little moppet, although she is probably air-brushed to within an inch of her life.   The lighting is perfect and shows off the gems to perfection, without blinding you!  But seriously - why have they draped the necklace over her shoulder??

Thank you, Lisa, for providing me with a couple of hours of fun.  *smooches*


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Nov. 12th, 2008 12:18 pm (UTC)
You are more than welcome babe, anytime! I'm glad that you are healing well and are coping well after your op. I have to say that there are a few things that catch my eye in Vogue but then you end up slouching shoulders cos you know that they are waaaay out of your budget.The high street equivilent never look as classy or colourful or the cuts all wrong, but that's the price you pay for off the peg I guess!
I used to love designer clothing etc but since having kids my budget for that has been ploughed into them. The last expensive pair of designer shoes I had, Paul bought me just before I fell pregnant with Luke.They were £240 and by Pierre Cardin.Not as famous as he used to be but still, I loved those shoes. They were four inch stilettos that were made entirely of silver ,woven over fabric.
I had worn them to a party once... then I get a puppy of 18 months old from a rescue centre and he decided on his first night with us... to devour my prized shoes! I cried over those shoes for weeks!

I have to say that my wardrobe is more 'practical' now as a Mum,and all the designer wear is sitting in the back gathering dust as I have put on weight since having Luke.I know it's what everyone does I guess but I can't bear to part with them. My favourite dress was a white silk and linen Calvin Klien that had little yellow and green pastel rose buds all over it. It would no doubt fit Jade now!I was only a size 10 when I bought that.

Anyways .. will come and see you soon. *Smoochies*
Nov. 12th, 2008 10:38 pm (UTC)
You are so right about the crazy prices. And i feel your pain for your lovely shoes! That night would have been the puppy's last under MY roof; i'd have found him another home instantly!

You never know, m'dear, you may still get back into your designer gear, if you put your mind to it - i really believe you can do anything you make your mind up to do.

Do come when you can, you know you will be very welcome.
*big hug & smooch*
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