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Moving servers

Let's hope this disruption is kept to a minimum...  Nothing online tomorrow and limited service for how long?  Well, i guess we will see.

My Occupational therapist/physio is handing me over to the local services from today - they won't come around as often as the SODS who have been coming frequently.   The new lot will come, how often?  Dunno, but they can come & check on me once in a while now.  Change will be slow in coming, until the swelling has gone.   Keep up with the exercises and walking and with the ice packs...  *shrugs*
i go back to the Clinic on 3rd December - hope i see the surgeon as i have a few questions for him - first, do i still have my own kneecap?   What has he or hasn't he done on my knee?  There's a patch on the right side that is a bit suss....  and what was that 'soft tissue' reconstruction all about?  IF he isn't there and it's not written in the surgical notes, i'm screwed.   i'll have to write to him... let's hope that won't be necessary.

Hang in there, m'dears...