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And it's Wednesday

3rd December, 2008


Another knee milestone today;  it’s five weeks since the operation, four weeks at home.

Abso-bloody-lutely FREEZING this morning, heaven only know what the wind chill factor was at 8am this morning.  I had a long sleeved top, ¾ sleeve cardigan and my padded jacket and was just warm enough.  I had leather gloves on and socks in my shoes; man, it was cold.   So the taxi was late, of course!

I’d allowed for some delay and was in time for my appointment, however.  Luckily, I didn’t have to wait long – not that I actually SAW the goddam surgeon, of course!  I saw Ben, the Registrar? that I’d seen in hospital…  Nice enough guy and luckily with some new x-rays, he was able to answer my questions and say nice things.  I saw the three wires that hold some of my bone together and we agreed it was looking good!  Of course, I may set off airport security as I have lots of metal in my knee, with some cushioning plastic.  I still have my original kneecap though and the white bit on the side of my knee will probably disappear as he thinks it is part of the operational swelling.  He is pleased with my recovery and measured the bending, another 10 degrees, yay!  That makes 70 degrees…so I was happy too.  He agrees with the surgeon Wang, that I will have pretty much perfect extension;  smiles all round.  I told him I’m walking a lot more but he says I need to build up my quads, so I do still need to have the physio come.

I can see I will need to chase up the new lot, who still haven’t made an appearance yet.  I’ll dig out the number for the SODS, they’re bound to have it.

I made my way slowly out to the bus stop, seeing one depart into the distance as I did so… of course… and equally of course, nothing for some time after.  Then three came together, but only two picked up as the first muttered he was 43 minutes late and disappeared like snow on a hot shovel.  The third pulled out ahead of us and we chased him all the way home.  I was so chilled by the time I got home, all I could think about was hot tea with my lunch.  I turned on the heating, made a couple of phone calls and then crawled onto the bed, bundled up and watched the first disc of Steve McQueen’s old western series, ‘Wanted, Dead or Alive’.  It’s an American set, recorded on both sides of the 4 discs and has some interesting guest stars.  It must be the only truly popular series made about a bounty hunter.    Anyway, I got as far as most of the way through the second side before I thawed out fully and drifted off to sleep.  Not something I recommend usually as I never feel 100% when I go to sleep sitting up, even half reclining.

Decided to finish spoiling myself and ordered Chinese – took them 1hr 20 minutes to deliver!  Not pleased but I did get what I wanted – and enough for dinner tomorrow.

I’m going back to bed very soon even though it is only about 10.40pm – doing emails etc and catching up here, I’m getting chilly again [I’ve turned off the heating].  I’ll read my book and turn in early, catch up on last night’s sleep.   I’m not due at my tattooist until 1pm, so no rush tomorrow.  Gad, i lead a busy life...  ha ha
‘Night all…


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Dec. 3rd, 2008 11:05 pm (UTC)
Glad your knees on the mend...bed is the best place when it's this cold!
Dec. 4th, 2008 10:33 am (UTC)
It is particularly cold at the moment, isn't it? But i need to be up and exercising... *frets*

Take care, m'dear
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