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Thursday 4th December 08

In 2009, Lovejames resolves to...
Get your own New Year's Resolutions:
Apply for a new internet.
Volunteer to spend time with owls.
Spend less time on malaysia.
Tell my family about films.
Lose ten tigers by March.
Give up reading.

Except i totally refuse to give up reading!

Got my new tattoo - small problem with soft and stupid delicate skin...  bottom symbol went on fine and stung like a bastard wasp;  but as we progressed upward, i bruised like crazy and it stung like an army of demented fire ants...  The fill-in never hurts as much as the outline does luckily and you have chance to have your eyes uncross before you leave the studio!   i've never seen such a marked reaction before.  Quite odd that it got that much worse as we went up towards my collarbone, but less padding of course.   You have to be careful not to let it bruise too much or the ink can spread.   Peter says it should be ok, fingers crossed.  Or i may have to have some of the top bit redone when it's all healed.  Well, you can't say my life is boring all the time, can you??